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Hi! I am Eleanor Price.

A couple of years ago, I almost lost my cat, Louie, to a bout of botulism. It was the scariest moment of my life!

Botulism is a rare but possibly fatal paralytic condition that is caused by bacteria that grow on food.

As it turned out, the reason for the illness was my cat’s diet.

Once Louie had fully recovered from the illness and I from the shock of almost losing him, I decided to start this blog.

It all started on a normal Tuesday evening when I got back home and found Louie snuggled up in his favorite corner on the couch.  

Louie does love sleep and rest which is not abnormal for American shorthairs.

On this particular day, however, something seemed different. He didn’t even seem to notice my entrance but just continued sleeping nonchalantly.

At first, I thought he was just super tired and considering the day I had just had, I would understand him if he needed some extra sleep.

But it was after I had finished fixing my dinner and offered his that I started suspecting that something was not right.

For the last three years that Louie had been in my life, he always had the appetite of a wolf and had never said no to his dinner.

I immediately consulted Uncle Google and every result I got suggested that my cat was ill.

 I decided to observe him through the night and even moved his bed next to mine just to be sure he was OK.

That night, I hardly slept a wink. I was trying to think what might have caused the illness in my otherwise healthy cat.

When morning came, Louie still refused his food and he was even more lethargic than the previous day. So I decided to take him for a checkup at the vet’s.

When we arrived at the clinic, the vet immediately told me even more depressing news.

Apparently, my cat had unresponsive reflexes and a mild paralysis in his hind limbs.

 I was petrified because I didn’t know what that meant…

After taking a short history, the vet suspected it was the food the cat ate that caused the illness.

I had tried a new homemade recipe and the vet suspected that the ingredients might have had some harmful bacteria.

The vet did a series of tests and after ruling out other causes of paralysis, he diagnosed Louie with botulism.

The vet administered an antitoxin to counter the effects of botulism and to stop its spread.

 He said I was lucky we had caught it in good time because it would have been fatal.

I am happy that  Louie recovered without any further complications and when the dust had settled, I couldn’t stop thinking of how scared I was and how I instantly went online for help.

And that is what inspired me to start this blog…

Yes, this blog is dedicated to all cat parents and pet lovers—especially those who are skeptical to ask tough questions about their pets’ troubles and resort to the internet for solutions.

I understand that there’s a wealth of information about cat issues online, but it can be difficult to find information that is current and factual.

My goal is to provide accurate and most informative content about feline health and well-being.

I will also be reviewing and recommending cat products/gear from time to time to help you decide on the most pawsome things to get for your kitty.

Yes, things are constantly changing, and it is my responsibility to provide you with reviews of the greatest and latest in cat product/gear advancements.

 It is my sincere hope that you will find these blogs informative and helpful.

Veterinary Information

When your cat is sick, the last thing you need is misleading information that may lead to misdiagnosing the illness.

To ensure that my content is in line with the latest evidence-based veterinary information and health guidelines, I have partnered with qualified vets to review or help me edit all health-related content on this blog.

So, you can trust the information shared on this blog because it has been approved by veterinary experts.


 While I ensure that the advice and tips given here are in line with the latest evidence-based veterinary information and health guidelines, under no circumstance should you misconstrue my suggestions as medical advice.

Please contact your veterinarian in all matters regarding your kitty’s health

How the Blog is Funded

I have partnered with a couple of marketing programs and brands and as such, I include affiliate links in my content.

I also constantly consult with a wide range of feline experts to help me review and approve the products I recommend—to give them a clean bill of health first.

Most importantly, as a pet parent myself, I endeavor to ensure never to recommend products that I wouldn’t use for my pet.

The commissions I get from the sale of the products I recommend enable me to pay my team of reviewers, editors, and veterinary experts.

I also use the income to take care of other additional costs like webhosting. This allows me to continue providing the highest quality of content for my readers.

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