Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

Cats communicate with their eyes all the time.

When they look at you, they “speak” words like, “may I have some food, please?”, or “I love you more than anything else.”

If you have owned a cat or two in the past, you know this to be true. You have probably fallen to the charm many times in the past.

Besides being a communication tool, your cat’s eyes make her incredibly beautiful.

Imagine your furry friend without her pair of catchy eyeballs…


For many cat enthusiasts, feline eyes come in three shapes only: oval, almond, and round.

Granted, those are the most common shapes.

However, cats also come with another eye shape: slanted eyes.

Well, this is not an eye shape in itself but it is more like an additional feature to the existing feline eye shapes.

As the name goes, a slanted eye is a phenomenon where a cat has a slant line that runs from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

If you are curious about what this is, keep reading. I have rounded up five cat breeds with slanted eyes. 


The number one breed known for having slanted eyes is the delightful Siamese cat.

According to Pets WebMD, this is the most notable feature among the members of the breed. Of course that and the contrasting color of the feline’s body and her extremities.

A true Siamese cat has deep blue, slanted, almond-shaped eyes.

Her delightful organ of vision points upward from the nose through the ears creating the slant that we love so much.

Although they have slanted eyes, Siamese cats see their world as clealry as other breeds, do.

Their vision is straight and focused.

Arabian Mau

Known for her long legs, large ears, and tapering tail, the Arabian Mau is also among cat breeds with slanted eyes.

 This old kitty with roots in the Arabian Peninsula has oval eyes with a slight slant to them.

Some of the members present a conspicuous slanting while others are only slightly slanted.

Typically, their eyes are sideward-placed and highly located high above the skull.

They are also large and come in common eye colors.

Most Arabian Maus have bright green eyes but it is not uncommon to come across those with blue, brown, black, or copper eyes as well.


Also known as Si-Sawat, the Korat is a dazzling cat that originated from Siam (present-day Thailand) over nine centuries ago.

She is mostly known for her blue-gray coat with silver tips and heart-shaped face.

The kitty also has an alert and lively expression, thanks to her delightful amber of green slanted eyes.

This combination makes her a very expressive pet.

She knows what she wants and demands it through many strategies one of which is through her lovely organ of sight.

Thankfully, she is loyal, sociable, intelligent, and loves spending time with her family.

Oriental Shorthair

Intelligent, friendly, and inquisitive, Oriental shorthairs have warmed their way into many homes.

They deeply enjoy human company and are great with kids, dogs, and other cats.

Orientals have long, slender frames, large ears, and striking faces.

Part of the reason for their unforgettable expressions is the color and shape of their eyes.

When they enter a room, they command attention, thanks to their distinct killer looks.

The members of the breed are built with stunning almond eyes of many colors.

White oriental cats have green, blue, or odd eyes while pointed Orientals have blue eyes.

No matter the eye color, the cat has slightly slanted eyes.

Maine Coon

There’s a reason the Maine Coon is a favorite pet among cat enthusiasts.

The number one is obviously her sweet and friendly disposition.

No doubt, this kitty makes a wonderful pet for any kind of family.

He is friendly to all without any exceptions. Then there are her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

The cat is essentially a big ball of cuteness (weighs about 25 pounds), comes with a luxurious furry coat, and has striking eyes.

Speaking of the eyes, Maine Coons have large, wide-set, oblique-shaped eyes with a slight slant to them.

They come in a variety of colors including green and gold.

If you are like most cat owners, you don’t pay much attention to the shape of your kitty’s eyes.

Even if you do, you are probably unaware of the slanted eye phenomenon.

Well, some cats are blessed with slanting eyes that point upwards much like Asian people’s eyes.

No matter the shape of your cat’s eyes, she is beautiful and sees her world as clearly as any other cat.