Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

Cats communicate with their eyes all the time. When they look at you, they “speak” words like, “may I have some food, please?”, or “I love you more than anything else.” If you have owned a cat or two in the past, you know this to be true. You have probably fallen to the charm … Read more

Are Polydactyl Cats Inbred?

Ernest Hemmingway is known for a number of things, one of which is his love for alcohol and big-game hunting. He also had a soft spot for cats, most specifically polydactyl cats.  The novelist was enchanted by Snow White – a double-pawed kitty given to him by a sea captain in his day. He developed … Read more

Do Cat Raccoon Mixes Exist?

Most domestic cats are a mix of several different breeds, whose ancestry may or may not be known. In some instances, the cats might be hybrids which means that their parents are of two different species. For example, a Bengal cat is a mix of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. Hybrids are … Read more

How Big Do Siberian Cats Get?

Before buying a Siberian – or any cat breed for that matter – it is a good idea to, first of all, know how big they get.  This will help you know if the cat is a good fit for you considering the amount of space you have at home. The size of the cat … Read more

7 Cats That Look like Bobcats

Elegant and stealthy, Bobcats are extraordinary hunters. Jumping over 3 meters in length, they can retrieve prey that most other predators can’t. Since they can make short bursts of 50 km/hr, they can chase down prey pretty efficiently. These North American Lynx cats are the most abundant and revered wild animals in that region and … Read more

Why Are Black And White Cats Unpopular?

Those that have worked in adoption centers have probably witnessed it already. When potential cat owners come out to look for a pet to adopt, they are quickly drawn to other colors except for black or black and white cats. They’d rather go for whites, blues, browns, or multicolored but not a tuxedo beast. For … Read more

Somali Cat: The Cat That Looks Like A Fox

Foxes have soft silky hair and that paired with their sly personality would easily tempt anyone into thinking of domesticating them – but you can’t because these are wild animals that are best left to their wild devices. But if you are a lover of cats, you can still have a cat that resembles a … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Legal In NY?

Bengal cats are wild in their looks and mannerisms. If you are into the exotic appearance of a leopard and want something close at home, a Bengal kitty is the right fit for you. The word Bengal is a term referring to a hybrid between the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. The former … Read more

4 Cats with Rings on Their Tails

Cats with Rings on Their Tail

Cat parents love their feline friends for all manner of reasons. Some love them for their companionship, others love them for their aesthetic appeal, and others love them because they can be cozy and cuddly. Whatever the reason, we can agree that cats make for such great pets – and there are lots of breeds … Read more