Do Cats Have Lungs?

A feline’s body is pretty amazing. Despite being tiny, many biological processes go on in there at any given point. From digestion to respiration and metabolism, different regions and systems work hand in hand to create balance. The heart has to keep beating to make sure blood is carried to all organs. The musculoskeletal system … Read more

Why Is My Male Cat Sleeping A Lot After Neutering?

Neutering your cat will help him to lead a healthier and longer life. This is because you will eliminate the possibility of testicular cancer among other related ailments. One of the side effects of the neutering procedure is excessive sleeping—your feline friend will start sleeping for longer, especially in the days after the surgery.  While … Read more

How Much Should A Kitten Weigh?

How Much Should A Kitten Weigh

Raising a kitten is one of the most challenging things one can do. At birth, one weighs about 100 grams only. With a fragile body, holding her requires a lot of skill and experience. To add salt to injury, newborn kittens don’t see or hear anything for the first few weeks. They rely on mom … Read more

How Big Is A Cat’s Heart?

The average size of a domestic cat’s heart is small, about half to three-quarters the size of a golf ball. To compare, a human heart is about one and a half times as large as a golf ball, while a dog’s heart is the size of a tennis ball.  Even though their heart is small, … Read more

7 Cats That Look like Bobcats

Elegant and stealthy, Bobcats are extraordinary hunters. Jumping over 3 meters in length, they can retrieve prey that most other predators can’t. Since they can make short bursts of 50 km/hr, they can chase down prey pretty efficiently. These North American Lynx cats are the most abundant and revered wild animals in that region and … Read more

Why Are Black And White Cats Unpopular?

Those that have worked in adoption centers have probably witnessed it already. When potential cat owners come out to look for a pet to adopt, they are quickly drawn to other colors except for black or black and white cats. They’d rather go for whites, blues, browns, or multicolored but not a tuxedo beast. For … Read more

Can Ocelots Breed With Domestic Cats?

Can Ocelots Breed With Domestic Cats

Cross-breeding of domestic and wild cats is nothing new. Breeders have experimented with all kinds of possibilities on this front. Some of their efforts have borne good fruits and now we have several hybrid cats such as the Bengal cat, Chausie cat, Jungle Curl, Safari Cat, Cheetoh, and Highlander Cat just to mention a few. … Read more

Are Ringtail Cats Dangerous?

Many studies have shown that keeping a pet comes with lots of benefits. Whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, or fish, there’s no denying that your life is better with them around. From being more active to having an elevated mood and beating loneliness, pets fill our lives with joy and good vibes.  Sure, … Read more

Somali Cat: The Cat That Looks Like A Fox

Foxes have soft silky hair and that paired with their sly personality would easily tempt anyone into thinking of domesticating them – but you can’t because these are wild animals that are best left to their wild devices. But if you are a lover of cats, you can still have a cat that resembles a … Read more