4 Amazing Screen Doors To Keep Cats Out Of the Bedroom

As any cat owner knows, cats are constantly trying to find ways to escape the house. Whether they’re looking for a way to get outside to explore or they’re just trying to find a cozy spot to take a nap, cats have a knack for getting through even the tightest spaces. This can get frustrating … Read more

5 Best Cat Tear Stain Removers

Cat Tear Stain Removers

One of the most captivating things about just any cat is the sweet little eyes. For a healthy cat, these are clear and bright. Whether they are oval, round, almond-shaped, gold, green, or blue, a cat’s eyes are striking and attention-grabbing. Sadly, some cats have weepy and runny eyes with a crust around them. The … Read more

5 Non-Absorbent Cat Litters For Urine Sample Collection

Non-Absorbent Cat Litters For Urine Sample Collection

When collecting urine from your dog, you need to go with him outside and place a collection device under his urination point. The chance of coming empty is very low.  For our feline friends, however, the story is very different. Cats are unpredictable, solitary, and very private. They especially dislike being in public when eliminating. … Read more

What’s The Best Matted Cat Hair Removal Cream?

Matted Cat Hair Removal Cream

Owning a cat has its good and bad sides. Having to deal with fur is one of the challenges you encounter with pet ownership. The little hairs fall out and get on your clothes, upholstery, surfaces, and bed.  You have to constantly clean after the pet to keep your house neat. Sometimes, the fur gets … Read more

8 Best Recovery Suit for Cats

Best Recovery Suit for Cats

Like all mobile creatures, cats get into accidents from time to time. They fall down a tree and hurt their ankles. Some get sores from over scratching their skins after allergic rashes or hotspots. Unfortunately, felines don’t know when to stop licking, biting, and scratching their injuries. Even after treatment, they will try to get … Read more

7 Best Tofu Cat Litters

Super absorbent, soft to touch, dust-free, and easy to dispose of… there are many reasons cat owners are switching to tofu cat litters these days. Clay and silica litters are great and all but they create a lot of dust particles that end up in your lungs and those of your family members.   Tofu … Read more

18 Best Kitten Teething Toys

Best Kitten Teething Toys

Kitten teething is an unavoidable part of pet ownership. Our adorable kittens lose their deciduous teeth to make room for adult teeth at about three months of age. As adult teeth start to grow, your kitten will suffer sore gums. This is when he will want to nibble, chew, and bite on your fingers, toes, … Read more

12 Best Cat Bowls for Messy Eaters

You love your cat to death but dread mealtimes for one reason: food and water spillage. Your furball is overly excited about food that she ends up spilling half of it. Not only does this mean more work for you cleaning the mess but food and water can easily damage your floors. What do you … Read more

8 Best Sunglasses for Cats

Best Sunglasses for Cats

Whether your kitty spots beautiful eyes like those of a Siamese or captivating greens of a Russian blue, there’s no doubt a cat’s eye are mesmerizing. Everything from their cute vertical pupils to their third eyelids that move across the eye like a curtain is exceptionally fascinating. If you are lucky to own a cat … Read more