Why Do Cats Tails Puff Up When They Die? (5 Reasons)

The tail is one of the biggest communication tails used by cats. For instance, when your kitty lashes her tail, she is essentially telling you she’s agitated. When she is focused on something like a toy, her tail will wave from side to side in slow motion. The tail-up posture with a curve at the … Read more

Is Wormwood Safe For Cats?

Wormwood is a plant that is sometimes used as an herbal remedy. It can help with digestive problems, and it is also used as a natural flea repellent.  This herb has been used for treating ailments in humans for hundreds of years but it can also be used for treating your feline friend. The only … Read more

Why Do Foxes Scream At Cats?

Have you ever heard a fox screaming in the night? It’s a spine-tingling sound that’s often mistaken for a woman that is screaming in pain.  Some have even compared to the screams of a woman being murdered.  Pet parents have reported hearing these blood-cuddling screams in their backyards when foxes come face to face with … Read more

Can A Fox Breed With A Cat?

Interspecific hybridization is the process of crossing two different species of animals to produce offspring that share characteristics of both parents.  For instance, lions have successfully been bred with tigers to end up with ligers.  Such hybrids have led experts into exploring other possible mixes, especially for pets. One popular example is the labradoodle, which … Read more

Do Cats Steal Your Breath While You Sleep?

It’s quite common for cats to lay on their owners’ chests or crouch next to their mouths while they sleep. While this habit by our feline friends is considered a sign of affection, some believe that is proof that cats can steal your breath while you sleep. There are a few different theories that support … Read more

Do Cats Steal Your Soul?

Of all animals, the housecat is believed to be the most superstitious. In some parts of the world, it brings good luck. In Japanese folklore, for instance, a cat is a symbol of good fortune. To this day, the Maneki-Neko figurine parades restaurants and other business premises for this very reason. In Egypt, cats used … Read more

How Long Does A 25 Lb Bag Of Cat Litter Last?

Taking care of a cat is fulfilling but not cheap. From pet visits to grooming appointments and buying food, a kitty demands a lot in the way of finances. Cat litter is also like diapers for human babies. Sometimes it looks as though you go through a bag of cat litter the same way a … Read more

Is Lemon Thyme Safe For Cats?

Your kitty is a valued member of the family. She deserves your loyalty, devotion, and protection.  Sometimes you have to compromise your comfort and luxury to keep her safe.  That comes with the job description of being a pet parent. For instance, if you love houseplants and want a forest in your space, you have … Read more

Is Vetiver Safe For Cats?

Aromatherapy is having a minute in the world. It is a trendy way of treating a plethora of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Essential oils possess antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Thus, they are used to treat a wide variety of issues. Although science has just recently backed aromatherapy, essential oils have been … Read more

Is Sandalwood Safe For Cats?

Essential oils have never been as popular as they are today. From aromatherapy to cleaning to skincare and traditional medicine, they find uses in myriad applications. They are fragrant, natural, and quite effective in treating joint pain, repelling bugs, making the home smell good, flavoring food, and easing stress. Sadly, they can pose a serious … Read more