How to Cheer Up A Depressed Cat (10 Subtle Strategies)

Cat depression is real as human depression. Granted, our feline friends don’t feel despondency the way we do but they do get sad from time to time. Knowing when your kitty is in this state can be a real challenge. Cats are experts at hiding their emotions. They act strong when sick and retreat when … Read more

Cat Won’t Stop Meowing In Cage: What Should I Do?

Does your kitty hate the idea of being caged? You are not alone. There’s a long list of cat parents whose fur babies cannot stand any kind of enclosure. When placed in one, they will meow and yowl until they are let out. But there are good reasons we put our cats in cages sometimes. … Read more

Cat Claw Bent Sideways: What Does It Mean?

There is a reason why they say as playful as a kitten – cats can be quite a handful as they jump and play both around and outside the house. While this play and fun can be entertaining and exhilarating, it also exposes them to potential injuries like bent claws. If your cat’s claw is … Read more

Cat Dew Claw Injury: A Quick Guide for New Cat Owners

Cat Dew Claw Injury

For anyone who has ever owned a cat, one of the most intriguing—and perhaps unsettling—features is their dew claws. These sharp nails are located on the inside of the front legs and do not seem to serve any purpose, leading many people to wonder why they exist at all.  Unfortunately, these vestigial limbs can sometimes … Read more

7 Effective Cat Blocked Nose Remedies

Sneezing, lethargy, runny nose, watery eyes, and a reduced appetite all point to one thing: common cold.  All of us have had it at one point or another. There are no two ways about it – colds are agonizingly uncomfortable. They strip the life and joy out of you and turn you into a sick, … Read more

Cat Hairball Looks Like Poop: Should It Worry You?

No pet parent looks forward to walking in on their adorable kitty gagging and retching then throwing up a hairball.  Yet, for many cat owners, this happens at least once in the lifetime of their kitties. The unlucky ones experience the phenomenon a few times a year. This is mostly the case for long-haired felines … Read more

Do Cat Colds Go Away On Their Own?

Yes, your cat can catch a cold just like you except that they can’t catch a cold from you. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, Colds in cats can be caused by bacterial or viral agents. Feline herpesvirus type-1 (also referred to as feline calicivirus or feline viral rhinotracheitis) is the virus that is known for … Read more

What Does A Male Cat Look Like After Being Neutered?

Pet overpopulation is a major challenge around the globe. By allowing your feline friend to breed, you are largely contributing to the issue. Even if you don’t own a female kitty, you are burdening someone else with finding a home for new kittens. They have to buy toys, food and take care of the medical … Read more

Male Cat Behavior after Neutering: Here’s What to Expect

If you are a cat parent, you probably have lots of questions about the neutering surgery. You probably wonder about the entire procedure from start to finish as well as how your cat’s behavior will be affected.  Even though neutering is done to try to curb some behaviors, there are always some exceptions. So, what … Read more