How Much Do Orange Tabby Cats Cost?

There’s a reason tabby cats are one of the most popular colors out there.

Well, for starters, they are some of the most abundant. They are everywhere in different colors.

While all tabbies are cute, orange ones take beauty to a whole new level.

Just imagine Garfield with his big, bold, and beautiful tabby orange coat.

Add that to his beautiful golden eyes and the M mark on his forehead and you have the definition of cat beauty right there.

If you have a thing for orange, don’t shy away from buying an orange tabby cat.

The stripes or spots just give the coat color elegance. It also makes her appear calm, collected, and oh so charming.

In this guide, we help you know how much an orange tabby costs among other tips you need to know before owning one.

Orange Tabby Cat at a Glance

In simple terms, an orange tabby cat is a feline with an orange coat and a tabby pattern.

A tabby cat can have different markings on her body. These can be stripes, lines, swirls, dots, and more.

As long as there is some kind of pattern on their fur, they qualify to be a tabby.

Essentially, all orange cats are tabbies. Even the seemingly pure orange ones have faint stripes, lines, or dots.

Tabby cats are typically classified into four categories:

  • Mackerel Tabby: Has narrow parallel lines running along the sides of the body. Looks somewhat like a fish skeleton which is actually where the name is derived from. The stripes are widespread than any other tabby.
  • Classic Tabby: This is the most common and has wider stripes that curve and form circlers running from the shoulders all the way to the tail base. Resembles a marble cake in more ways than one. Also has the signature “M” on the forehead.
  • Ticked Tabby: Stripes with faint stripes that are barely visible on the tail, legs, and dace. The coat is not specifically striped but the hairs are.
  • Spotted: As the name suggests, this is spotted and thus bears spots against light fur on the background.

How Are Tabby Orange Cats Like?

Before owning an orange tabby cat, you might want to know what to expect.

This feline is so special that UK’s famous Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, owned one.

The name was Tango and the late political leader shared a huge part of his life with him.

While the tabby cat’s personality depends on the actual breed in question, there are a few things common with all tabbies.

For one, they are playful and outgoing. Exploring their environment is synonymous with them.

As they do that, they exude a lot of intelligence, perhaps more than the other cat colors.

Plus, they are very cuddly and love hanging out with their human companions.

Finally, tabbies are feisty and we can all prove that from TV’S fictional character, Garfield.

How Much Is An Orange Tabby Cat?

Now to the most-awaited question about the orange tabby cat price…

Quite frankly, the actual price depends on the breed.

As mentioned before, the orange tabby refers to the coat color and not the breed.

On average, expect to part with anything from $50 to $2,000.

The lower end of the scale refers to randomly bred felines.

If you get a purebred one, the cost goes higher ($700 – &1500) depending on the breed.

If you want a designer tabby, you will dig deep into your pockets. It is not uncommon to come across a kitten worth $2K and more.

A commonly available short-haired orange tabby ranges between $150 and $300.

Exotic breeds, on the other hand, can be quite the price.

Additional Tips

  • If you want an orange tabby but you are hard-pressed for cash, simply adopt one in the nearest shelter. There are a ton of cat shelters that have orange tabbies. You can also get a kitten from your friend’s pregnant cat. Thankfully, this pattern is the most available. You only have to find an orange cat which is not that difficult.
  • Keep in mind that most orange tabbies are males. The ratio of males to females is 4:1. The orange coloring comes as a result of the X chromosome. A female cat has two XXs and thus needs both the dam and sire to get the gene. A male orange tabby only needs it from his mother. As you go shopping, always know that getting a female orange tabby is no mean feat.
  • Apart from the actual orange tabby cat price, there a few other costs to consider. These include neutering, diets, vaccinations, visits to the vet, recreational activities, and more. Seek to have all the information before shelling out your cash.

Orange Tabby Cat Price: Final Thoughts

There you have it; the average cost of an orange tabby cat—without any doubt, a beautiful cat with a beautiful soul.

Luckily, it is a common coat color among cats. As long as you have the desire to own one and have a little (or a lot) cash in your pocket, you are good to go.