Can You Own A Rusty-Spotted Cat?

Can You Own A Rusty-Spotted Cat

The rusty-spotted cat is the smallest cat in the world and has even been nicknamed the hummingbird of the cat family. This cute little cat is so tiny that it can fit in your palm. The rusty-spotted cat almost looks like a miniature leopard. It has dark streaks running along both cheeks and elongated spots … Read more

Are Poms Poisonous To Cats?

Are Poms Poisonous To Cats?

Poms, also known as spray mums or pompons, is a type of mum flowers that are loved for their fragrance and aesthetic appeal. These flowers are in the same genetic family as daisies and chrysanthemums. Pom flowers also grow as a perennial weed and produce bright purple flowers. If you are a pet parent, you … Read more

Bloated Kitten Home Remedies

Is your kitten bloated? If so, you’re not alone. Many kittens experience bloating at some point in their lives. Bloating can be a sign of an underlying health issue or it could just be a temporary problem caused by the diet. For instance, if your cat eats too much food, they might easily get bloated. … Read more

8 Snub-Nosed Cats That Are Just So Precious

8 Snub-Nosed Cats That Are Just So Precious

Pet parents know that cats come in all shapes and sizes—and the nose shape is one of the most fascinating distinguishing characteristics of cats. Your cat’s nose is comparable to your fingerprint because each cat has unique nose features. Additionally, each breed has a distinctive nose shape, length, and color. In fact, the nose shape, … Read more

What Is A Ghost Tabby Cat?

Ghost Tabby Cat

Have you ever seen a ghost tabby cat? These rare creatures are something to behold. What sets these cats apart from other felines is their striking appearance. Ghost tabby cats are mostly white, with patches of grey or black fur. They often have bright green eyes, which contrast sharply with their pale fur. If you’re … Read more

What Does A Normal Kitten Belly Look Like?

If you’re a feline parent, you may have noticed that kittens often have bulging stomachs.  Is this normal, or does it indicate a health issue? Well, it could go either way—some health conditions may result in a bulging stomach but it is also normal for your kitty to have a big stomach. So, how can … Read more

Do Cats Have Shoulders?

Cats are fascinating creatures, and their skeletal structure is no exception. One interesting thing about cats is the similarities their skeletal structure has with that of humans. But while a cat’s skeleton may be similar to ours in some ways, there are also some significant differences. For example, cats don’t have collarbones, which means they … Read more

What Do Tattoos On Cats’ Ears Mean?

Tattoos On Cats' Ears

The practice of tattooing cats is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt as a way of identifying them.  The most common tattoos on cats are their names and dates of birth. In recent years, people have started to tattoo their cats with more elaborate designs. These tattoos can be anything from simple geometric shapes … Read more

Cat Carpal Pad 101: Everything You Need To Know

Cat Carpal Pad

Cats are amazing creatures—they’re agile and athletic, and they always seem to land on their feet. But have you ever wondered about their carpal pads? The carpal pad, also known as the “knee of the cat”, is a small, black, triangular-shaped pad located on the back of the foreleg just above the paw. The purpose … Read more