Do Cat Raccoon Mixes Exist?

Most domestic cats are a mix of several different breeds, whose ancestry may or may not be known. In some instances, the cats might be hybrids which means that their parents are of two different species. For example, a Bengal cat is a mix of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. Hybrids are … Read more

Why Does My Cat’s Purr Sound Gurgly?

If you are a pet parent, you are familiar with the purrs and meows of your feline baby.  When you start petting your cat, you almost always expect them to purr. When you hear them meow, you can bet they are seeking your attention. You may also be aware of the occasional growl and hiss … Read more

Is Wormwood Safe For Cats?

Wormwood is a plant that is sometimes used as an herbal remedy. It can help with digestive problems, and it is also used as a natural flea repellent.  This herb has been used for treating ailments in humans for hundreds of years but it can also be used for treating your feline friend. The only … Read more

Where Is Fancy Feast Cat Food Made?

Cat owners want the absolute best for their furry little friends. Bringing a cat into your home means you get a constant lovable and purring companion. It also means that you take an important responsibility for keeping the cat happy, healthy, and safe. One of the vital tasks to do is to feed the little … Read more

Why Are Sand Cats Endangered?

When asked to name desert creatures, most people will mention common animals such as camels, meerkats, venomous snakes, and scorpions.  The sand cat is at the bottom of the list for many. Well, to be honest, this adorable feline, the size of the housecat is pretty rare.  For one, he lives deep in Asian and … Read more

Why Do Foxes Scream At Cats?

Have you ever heard a fox screaming in the night? It’s a spine-tingling sound that’s often mistaken for a woman that is screaming in pain.  Some have even compared to the screams of a woman being murdered.  Pet parents have reported hearing these blood-cuddling screams in their backyards when foxes come face to face with … Read more

Can A Fox Breed With A Cat?

Interspecific hybridization is the process of crossing two different species of animals to produce offspring that share characteristics of both parents.  For instance, lions have successfully been bred with tigers to end up with ligers.  Such hybrids have led experts into exploring other possible mixes, especially for pets. One popular example is the labradoodle, which … Read more

How Much Are Sand Cats?

Let’s face it – sand cats or sand dune cats are some of the most adorable creatures to walk the face of the earth. If you are a cat lover, you will be immediately smitten by the sight of one. Their gray-brown coats with different patterns across the body make them appear like orange tabbies. … Read more