Are Febreze plug-ins safe for cats?

Cats are lovely members of the family. Snuggling next to one after a long day at work feels more fulfilling than most things in life.

Petting her velvety fur and watching her enjoy it is deeply relaxing.

Petting has actually been shown to release oxytocin (the love hormone) in pet lovers.

 Owning a feline friend can help you become a better person. You get better at handling anxiety, bad moods, and stress, in general.

Research further suggests that interacting with a cat frequently may lower your blood pressure, heart attacks, release serotonin and dopamine, and improve immune functioning.

These are some of the benefits a cat brings to your life. The list can go on…

With all the love cats give us, they deserve the world.

Part of reciprocating your love for your kitty is making sure she’s safe at all times. That means vetting everything that comes through the door.

Febreze plug-ins have been marketed as safe around cats. But how true is this claim?

We talk about that in a few but first…

What is Febreze plug-in?

Febreze Plug is a special plug-in scented oil freshener. It contains odor blockers and works by heating the oils to give off a gentle fragrance. 

It is part of Procter and Gamble’s line of fresheners with multiple scents used around the home.

The freshener comes with two units—the plug-in and two glass-containing scents.

 To activate it, simply connect the plug to an electrical outlet and switch it on.

 The plug warms up the scented oil and releases its molecules bit by bit into the air.

With 20 floral scents, the product is versatile. Different scents are used during certain times of the year.

When used on low, the vials can last up to 1200 hours. You can reload the vial when you run out.

What sets Febreze Plug apart from the rest is that it blocks and eliminates odors/fragrances.

Fresheners are generally considered to be unsafe as they introduce harsh chemicals to humans and animals.

As the fragrance molecules fill up the air, we breathe them in and end up damaging our respiratory organs.

 Febreze takes care of this problem by using aldehydes – odor magnets/odor trappers.

These surround odor molecules and cause them to drop on the floor so they don’t rise and fill up the air.

Is Febreze Poisonous For Cats?

There have been rumors stating that the Febreze plug-in is just like any other freshener out there and thus not safe for cats.

 See, our feline friends have sensitive noses that pick up tiny scents in the air.

Regardless of which odor-control method is used at home, these little creatures find them overwhelming.

However, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has somewhat cleared the air on this issue. 

After doing a toxicology test on the Febreze fabric softener, the APCC’s toxicology experts concluded that it is safe for use around pets.

Since the Febreze plug-in is part of the line of household fresheners, it is safe to assume that it passes the test as well.

As long as you follow label instructions, your cats should be fine with it at home.

 Reports on the toxicology test of the plug-in aren’t available online.

So, watch your cat closely to see if she reacts to the freshener.

Word of Caution

While the Febreze plug-in may be safe for cats, you still have to be careful around it.

The sensitivity of a cat’s nose is astounding. A kitty can sense a drop of blood in an Olympic-sized pool.

When using the Febreze Plug, be sure to put it on the low.

You have the freedom of adjusting the intensity of the fragrance. When your furbaby is home, avoid the temptation of turning it up.

Even if the oil molecules stay on the floor, some may fall on your cat’s skin.

Cats, as we know them, love to lick stuff off of their coats. If some of the droplets get on her skin, it may cause more harm than good.

Not only will it cause irritation but the cat may ingest the product.

Practice ventilation around the Febreze Plug. Let the excess escape the room. This ensures a balance of the odors thus keeping the kitty even safer.

 Additionally, the cat should never come in contact with the scented oil at all costs. If she does, it may cause some irritation.

Thankfully, that’s all it can do to the cat – nothing more.

Any irritation—teary eyes, coughing endlessly, breathing fast, and scratching the throat area—should tell you to stop using the freshener around your kitty.

Closing Thoughts

Being a cat owner means sacrificing your comfort sometimes to ensure the safety of your pet.

Fresheners make our homes smell lovely and we would love to use them.

However, if they harm our pets, they are simply not allowed at home.

Febreze Plug-in is relatively safe around cats but tread carefully when handling it around your kitty.