Why Do Foxes Scream At Cats?

Have you ever heard a fox screaming in the night? It’s a spine-tingling sound that’s often mistaken for a woman that is screaming in pain.

 Some have even compared to the screams of a woman being murdered.

 Pet parents have reported hearing these blood-cuddling screams in their backyards when foxes come face to face with their cats both during the day as well as at night.

This can be quite a scary experience for any pet parent because you will be left wondering if your cat is in danger.

So, Why Exactly Do Foxes Scream At Cats?

Could it be a sign that they consider your cat as prey and they are doing that to intimidate them before they attack?

Contrary to popular belief, foxes don’t scream to injure or kill their prey. So, when they scream at your cat, they are not doing that to threaten them.

Foxes typically scream as a way of communicating with other foxes nearby.

When they encounter another species, they scream to warn other foxes of the potential danger. The scream is almost always a warning to other foxes to be on the lookout.

Foxes also scream as a way of showing dominance and announcing their territory to other foxes.

When a fox screams at your cat, the fox most likely mistook your cat for a smaller fox and screamed to announce its territory.

This is the reason why foxes scream a lot at night—they are doing this to communicate to other foxes to keep off.

This is also the reason why foxes are more likely to scream when they live in areas with high densities of other foxes.

As scary as the screams might sound, the screams are actually good for you and your pets because they will keep away other foxes.

When foxes are looking for a mate, they also scream to make it known to other foxes that they are available.

They can do this at random hoping another fox in the vicinity will hear them or they can do it when they spot another fox.

 If a fox spots a cat and mistakes him for another fox, it might scream as a mating call.

So, if you hear a fox scream at your cat, don’t be alarmed—it’s their way of talking.

Are Foxes Afraid Of Cats?

Foxes and cats typically ignore each other. However, if your cat is aggressive, there is a good chance that he might attack the fox and this can lead to the fox feeling threatened.

In such cases, the fox might scream as a way of defending himself or trying to scare off the cat.

 Foxes are also known to be afraid of dogs. If your cat is accompanied by a dog, the fox is likely to feel even more threatened and this can either scare away the fox (which is more likely) or make him more aggressive.

Do Foxes Prey On Cats?

Foxes are known to eat small mammals such as rodents, rabbits, and birds. They are also known to eat fruits, vegetables, and insects.

While they might be able to kill a small cat, they are unlikely to eat them as they don’t typically see cats as prey.

In fact, a fox is more likely to steal food from a cat’s bowl than to attack the cat itself.

So, if you have a fox in your backyard, there is no need to worry about your cat being in danger because foxes and cats can peacefully coexist.

That said, foxes are opportunistic hunters and if they have gone for long without a meal, they may resort to hunting the cat as an easy alternative.

As such, it is best to keep your cat indoors when you are not around just to make sure they are safe from foxes.

Can Cats And Foxes Be Friends?

Cats and foxes are two very different animals. For starters, cats are carnivorous pets while foxes are omnivorous wild animals.

 Because foxes primarily feed on rodents, some farmers keep foxes on their property as a way of controlling the rodent population on their farms. 

Even though cats and foxes are very different, it is possible for them to coexist.

However, it is very unlikely that they can be friends. See, foxes and cats will do their best to ignore each other and for the most part, foxes feel intimidated by cats.

When interacting with wild cats, foxes know that the cats are better hunters and they also view them as a threat.

This might be the reason for the indifference that is often witnessed between these species.

Do Foxes and Cats Fight?

The question of whether foxes and cats fight is a complex one, as there is no simple answer.

In some cases, the two animals may coexist, while in others they may view each other as rivals.

Much of this depends on the individual personalities of the fox and the cat, as well as their past experiences.

For example, a fox that has been raised around cats may be more likely to get along with them than a fox that has never had any exposure to them.

Likewise, a cat that has been traumatized by a previous encounter with a fox is likely to be warier of them in the future.

Ultimately, it is impossible to predict how any given fox or cat will react to the presence of the other.

If you have an aggressive cat, he will most likely attack the fox and how the fox reacts will determine if a fight will ensue.

Most foxes will run away from an attacking cat but it is not unlikely for a fox to defend itself.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, a fox screaming at your cat seldom indicates danger.

For the most part, the fox might just be trying to communicate with other foxes.

 After all, foxes are more afraid of cats than cats are of them and the fox will most likely avoid any encounter or conflict with your feline friend.

However, pet parents should keep their cats indoors just to be on the safe side.