Why do Cats like Sponges?

You walk home with a stock of fresh new dish sponges. When it’s time to clean the dishes, none of the sponges is in sight. Did a family member hide them somewhere? Perhaps you forgot to pick up the pack from the counter at the grocery store. All the efforts of trying to locate the sponges are in vain. However, as you vacuum the house the following day, you come across pieces of sponges under the sofa. It is clear that your cat is to blame for the disappearance of the sponges. What’s up with that? Do cats really like sponges that much? What causes the behavior?

1. Symptoms Of Pica

Not all kitties are really into sponges that much. When your kitty is obsessed with them, it could be because he suffers from pica. Simply put, this is a condition that causes the cat to lick, chew, and eat non-food items. Ideally, cats love to play with things without necessarily consuming them. Nevertheless, pica sufferers take things to a whole new level. They will grab the non-food item and grind it over and over again with their back molar teeth before ingesting it.

The behavior makes the cat feel fulfilled and rewarded. Because of this, he will do anything to find the material in question. The very act of chewing stimulates the brain to release pleasure chemicals causing the behavior to be very addictive. Although any cat breed can suffer from pica, there are certain breeds that are predisposed to it. These include Tonkinese, Siamese, Burmese, and Oriental types. The common materials consumed include plastic, leather, wood, rubber, paper, cellophane, and cardboard. And yes, sponge falls in the confines of pica too. If your baby cannot stop eating sponges, he may be a victim.

2. The Sponge Appeals To Your Cat

Not every cat that loves a sponge is a pica sufferer. Some just love the texture of the material. They enjoy how it feels on the mouth, its bounciness, the ease at which it tears apart, you name it. If the kitty doesn’t eat the sponge but rather plays with it, the material may just be appealing to him.

3. Hunting Behavior

If you’ve been a cat owner for a while, you know that felines play by certain rules when it comes to hunting for prey. As soon as the kitty catches something, he will toss the dead animal around then carry it and drop it near you. He will then meow a little to call your attention to it or simply to ‘present’ the prey to you. It’s a special ritual that cats love to do. If your cat does the same thing with the sponge, chances are he is trying to replay what happens in the wild.

Do Cats Like Sponges?

Yes and no. Some kitties do enjoy playing and chewing on sponges for any of the three reasons given above. However, a majority of them don’t care much for sponges. If yours falls in the first category, try to find out what drives the behavior so you can know if he needs help or not.

A cat that likes sponges of all kinds has reasons for his behavior. Perhaps he suffers from pica, loves the material, or is trying to exhibit his hunting behavior. Unless he has pica, you should not be worried about the condition at all.

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