8 Cats with rabbit-like fur

From the Sphynx that has no hair to the Norwegian Forest Cat that has thick and dense fur, cats come in all kinds of coats.

Some are adaptations to their original environment while some get their unique coats as a result of breeding practices.

 Here are some of the breeds that have soft rabbit-like fur.

1. Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin cat breed is known for its silky rabbit-like fur and its docile nature.

This kitty loves to be cuddled and held like a baby and his docile nature makes him a great apartment pet. These are the cats to get if you worry about scratches on furniture. 

Ragamuffins are related to ragdolls and they were bred to add some color variety to their coats.

One of the unique features of these cats is the fact that they are usually born white but their coats develop patterns and colors as they age.

2. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is another cat breed that has soft rabbit-like fur.

Ragdolls have a very small undercoat and this means they won’t shed much. However, you still need to groom them 1-2 times a week.

In addition to grooming, you want to wash him frequently to keep the coat clean and soft.

A greasy coat usually means the cat is due for a bath.

The length of the coat will be affected by seasonal changes. For instance, Ragdolls will have a longer coat during winter.

However, if your cat is spayed or neutered, you can expect a lush coat throughout the year.

3. Bengal

Bengals have a spotted coat that gives it a wild look.

But don’t let the wild look deceive you—these cats also have soft-rabbit-like fur that you will enjoy petting.

These cats rarely need a bath but you still need to groom their short and thick silky coat once or twice a week.

Bengals typically have a coat that is horizontally or randomly spotted.

It is also possible to get one that is glittered. This is where the fur glitters in the light.

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4. Himalayans

Himalayan cats have long silky rabbit-like fur that covers their round and heavily boned body which creates the impression of a huge cat.

They have a thick and long coat that is not only soft but also lustrous and glossy.

This is one of the breeds that has a delicate coat that needs daily attention. You will have to comb it daily to keep it from tangling.

You may also have to clean his flat face regularly to stop tears from staining the fur on the face.

5. Burmese

Burmese cats have a distinct short and silky rabbit-like fur and their coats are typically singular-colored.

Traditionally, all Burmese cats were sable but breeding has resulted in other colors like lilac, blue, fawn, chocolate, solid brown, cream, and red.

They have gold or green eyes depending on their coat color.

Burmese cats don’t shed too much and that coupled with their shirt hair make them easy to groom.

6. Russian Whites

The Russian White cat breed has rabbit-like fur that is short and delicate.

Don’t let the name mislead you—this cat was developed in Australia.

The Russian white name is meant to illustrate the glossy white fur of the breed.

Even though the breed is primarily white as the name suggests, it is also possible to get it in chocolate or black.

You will need to groom this cat every week.

7. Persian

The Persian cat, also referred to as the Persian Longhair, is not only known for its long rabbit-like fur but also its short muzzle and round face.

Through selective breeding, breeders have come up with lots of coat colors in this breed.

As of 2021, this cat was ranked as the fourth most popular breed in the world. It is loved for its unique flat face and its long silky fur.

They are also pretty quiet and loveable which explains why lots of people want to own them as house pets.

 These low-maintenance pets are also okay with little attention and can be standoffish around strangers. They are therefore awesome apartment pets.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is another breed that has rabbit-like fur.

This breed hails from Northern Europe and is therefore well adapted to cold climates.

 It has a woolly undercoat that provides extra insulation in the harsh weather and water-shedding hair to keep it warm and dry.

The topcoat is also long and soft which adds another layer of warmth.

Apart from the thick coat, the other interesting adaptation is strong claws which make them very good climbers – they can even climb rocks.

Closing Thoughts

If you love cuddling and petting cats, you want to get one that has soft fur.

The rabbit-like fur will make the petting more satisfying for both you and your kitty.

 We hope you find a good pick from the list shared above.