Owning a Munchkin Ragdoll Cat: Everything You Need To Know

Making the decision to own a cat should be approached with sobriety. It is in your best interest to get a cat that fits your lifestyle, personality, and needs.

The munchkin ragdoll is an insanely beautiful feline, thanks to her plush cuddly coat, sweet blue eyes, and uniquely shaped stumpy limbs. It is very tempting to bring one home with you when you first lay your eyes on her.

However, you might want to know both the good and bad of owning one before money exchanges hands.

In this guide, we will tell you all you know about the munchkin ragdoll cat.

What Is A Munchkin Ragdoll Cat?

As the name goes, a munchkin ragdoll cat is a cross between a munchkin and a ragdoll.

 If you know a thing or two about munchkin kitties, you’ll confirm that they have abnormally short limbs and massive heads. The breed is the equivalent of the corgi in the canine world. A ragdoll, on the other hand, is a big cat with long sturdy legs and a cute face.

When you mix the two, you end up with a feline with stumpy legs of the munchkin and ragdoll’s beautiful face.

Like the ragdoll’s coat, the mix will bear a dense coat of medium to long length. The coat color comes in various colors and patterns.

The ragdoll munchkin is a medium-sized kitty of 6-10 pounds. It is rare to find a big mix despite one of the parents being massive in size.

Are Munchkin Ragdoll Cats Good For First-Time Owners?

The munchkin ragdoll is certainly a fun-loving cat.

Both parents are charming – always looking for an opportunity to sit on your lap and enjoy being petted.

The ragdoll is particularly easy to care for. She is laid back, undemanding, and content. No matter the situation of your family, she will be happy just to be a part of it.

The munchkin is no different. She can be active and always in motion but she is just as easy to be around. 

So, the cross is certainly good for first-time pet owners.

Thanks to her small size, the cat can exist in a small space. They are incredibly mobile as well, which is a big plus. If you are looking for a petite, gentle, fun-loving, cuddly, and delightful feline friend, this one fits the description.

Even with stumpy feet, this cat doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself. She will climb to bed with you, play fetch with you, and follow you around.

 If she takes after her ragdoll side, she will be quiet and sweet which still makes her a great pet for novice owners.

As far as maintenance is concerned, this breed doesn’t require much. All she needs is daily brushing of the coat if she’s long-haired and once a week if she’s short-haired.

How Much Do Munchkin Ragdolls Cost?

Both munchkins and ragdolls are not cheap kitties.

Owning one kitten from either breed will set you back anywhere from $600 and $2500 if you are buying from a reputable breeder.

The actual cost will depend on your location, pedigree, health information, breeder, and age.

Typically, the mix will cost about the same. Kittens are much more expensive than adult cats. If you are on a budget, you can choose to adopt one and pay around $75-$150.

Can Munchkin Ragdoll Cats Be Left Alone?

While the ragdoll munchkin cat loves human company, she is also very independent.

 Both parents have both social and independent streaks. The ragdoll is especially good when it comes to fending for herself in your absence. She does much better in this department than most domestic cats.

So, if you spend a lot of time away from home, the munchkin ragdoll is ideal for you.

Of course, like all other cats, this breed loves to connect with you when you come back. As a result, be sure to spend enough time with her when you come back in the evening.

When you leave for days on end, plan on having a sitter or a relative check up on the kitty. They should always have enough food, water, and a clean litter box.

If left for too long, a munchkin ragdoll will display signs of depression such as constant scratching, general restlessness, increased nocturnal activity, litter box problems, extra neediness, and constant meowing.

Can Munchkin Ragdoll Cats Jump High?

Because of their super short legs, it is natural to wonder if these cats can jump like other cats. After all, cats are known for being some of the most amazing climbers in the animal kingdom. They are always jumping on couches, kitchen counters, outdoor fences, coffee tables, and more.

Munchkin ragdolls can jump except they cannot go so high. The legs don’t have a lot of power to help them spring into the air. Those with slightly longer legs can jump on higher places like kitchen counters.

However, those with super-short legs can only make it to low-areas like beds, chairs, window sills, and coffee tables.

Generally, their limited jumping ability affects very little in the way of play. This breed is blissfully unaware that the short legs are a disadvantage and will leap around and have fun like other domestic cats.

Do Munchkin Ragdoll Cats Like To Cuddle?

Munchkin ragdolls are affectionate cars that enjoy cuddling up with their owners.

Unlike other cats that don’t fancy affection as they get older, this mix is big on cuddling and playing with their favorite people. They make great companions and lap furballs as they are keen on spending time with their parents.

Like all other breeds, some ragdoll munchkins are not cuddlers. Some are better off staying away than cuddling with you or allowing you to carry them to the couch.

Trained cats are likely to be comfortable being handled and placed on the lap. If yours doesn’t seem to enjoy physical affection, consider having her trained on this.

Do Munchkin Ragdoll Cats Have Health Problems?

Aside from a genetic mutation that makes a munchkin ragdoll cat have dwarf legs, this breed is generally healthy.

You should only be aware of health issues related to sort-legged kitties such as lordosis where the spinal muscles become too short with the result being the spine sinking into the cat’s body.

These kitties are also at high risk for petus excavatum or funnel chest (the kitty’s breast bone sinks inwards). Then there’s the slightly funny walk but apart from that, this kitty is relatively healthy.

How Long Does A Munchkin Ragdoll Cat Live?

Both the munchkin and the ragdoll have lifespans of 12-14 years which means the mix is expected to live about the same time.

Some can live well beyond 15 years and others sadly pass away before their 10th year.

As usual, you want to take good care of your cat (offer good nutrition, exercise, vaccinations, etc) and she will have a longer lifespan.

Parting Thoughts

There it is – the ABCs of owning a munchkin ragdoll cat. The short of it is that this is a cute, relatively healthy, social yet independent, and fun-loving kitty. If you decide to welcome one to your home, there’s no reason not to.