Is British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix Right For You? 

Ever thought of owning a British shorthair and Maine Coon mix? This designer kitty is not the most common but she is truly worth a mention in feline circles.

Imagine breeding the teddy-bear like and affectionate British shorthair with the beautiful and people-oriented Maine Coon. What an incredible resulting mix!

She is nothing short of a loyal and loving companion. Intelligence, grace, and beauty will define her. Her gentle and easy-going attitude will blow your mind.

You will absolutely fall in love with this cat’s personality that going home will be something to look forward to every day.

Unfortunately, no cat is perfect. A BSH Maine coon mix is no exception. She comes with her own share of challenges. You want to take these into consideration before owning one.

In this guide, we will tell you the pros and cons of this beauty so you can decide whether it’s right for you or not. But first…

What Does A British Shorthair Maine Coon Look Like?

If you know a thing or two about cats, you are probably aware that the Maine Coon is the biggest domestic cat in the world.

Males often reach a staggering weight of 25 pounds while the females stay within the range of 8-12 pounds.

Height is anywhere from 10-16 inches. Very few cats come close to these figures.

The British shorthair, on the other hand, has a weight range of 7-17 pounds and a height of 9-14 inches. She’s not the biggest but not the smallest either.

A mix of these two breeds falls in the medium or large category. The chances of her growing big are high.

Both parent breeds are muscular and broad-chested. The cross is no different. With long strong legs, she walks with grace displaying her bright oval-shaped eyes, cute tail, and plush coat.

 Her ears are either medium-shaped and wide like those of the BSH or large and pointed like those of a Maine Coon.

Her body is stocky and solid or long and triangular depending on which genes are at play.

The mix has a dense coat with short or long fur on it. With a thick undercoat, the coat is nothing short of plushness – even for the short-coated variety.

If she takes on the Maine Coon side, she will have a deeply dense coat with silky hair being longer on the britches and stomach.

The color of the coat will vary greatly. The mix is essentially available in almost all cat colors, combinations, and patterns.

Pros of Owning a British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix

1. Beauty

Let’s be honest – looks play a key role in the choice of a pet.

Ask cat parents in your circles how they arrived at picking their kitty. They are likely to say things like, “she is cute”, and “her coat is so adorable”.

A beautiful cat is a delight to have. If you are into cats that score well in this department, a BSH Maine Coon mix will not disappoint you.

Regardless of her size, coat color, eye color, and other attributes, this is a cute pet.

 Her chubby cheeks are so pinchable while her luxurious coat is so picturesque.

You will find yourself taking endless shots of her.

2. Good temperament

A cat with striking looks and a bad temperament is a challenge to own.

With all the troubles that life throws at us, who wants to add a difficult cat to the mix?

Well, you’d be happy to know that a British shorthair Maine coon mix is a sweet pet to have at home.

 Ideally, BSHs are friendly, affectionate, and social. They are quiet, relaxed, and confident.

Oppositely, Maine coons are gentle giants. They are goofy, intelligent, lovers of humans, and sworn cuddle buddies.

Indeed, they are not comfortable around strangers but they are trusting to people known to them

When you mix both cats, you end up with a tremendous kitty. She will gravitate towards spending time with you and other family members.

Expect her to follow you from room to room, cuddle, and play with you.

 If you have kids and other dogs, she will form strong bonds with them too provided she’s socialized while young.

She values alone time as well making her great for people that are not always home.

3. Good Family Pet

The setup of your family determines which cat to get. If you have a busy household complete with kids, senior citizens, and other pets, you have to get one that can handle all that.

Thankfully, this mix is good with adult humans, kids, and other pets. She can tolerate rough play with the kids.

Obviously, she can get aggravated when they are mishandled or overstimulated so teach your kiddos how to handle her.

If you are hearing overstimulation in cats for the first time, learn more here: Overstimulation in Cats Explained

4. Can Stay Alone For Long Periods

Another good thing about this kitty is the fact that she doesn’t have a bad case of separation anxiety.

Sure, she enjoys your company a lot but she loves her space as well.

When you are away, she will keep herself busy by stalking and hunting prey, watching birds in some high place, and playing with a toy or two.

For people that work outside the home all day, this is everything.

5. Low Grooming Needs

Despite having long hairs on their coats, Maine coons are low shedders. Granted, they shed occasionally like all cats but they are not categorized as heavy shedders.

British shorthairs, on the other hand, shed moderately as well.

That means the BSH Maine coon mix doesn’t need a lot in the way of grooming.

 Simply arm yourself with a good vacuum, hairbrush, toothbrush, and nail trimmer and develop a tight grooming routine.

6. Intelligence

With both parents being intelligent, the BSH Maine coon mix is an extremely smart kitty.

 She can read your emotions, learn tricks, play fetch with toys, and even walk on a leash if taught early enough.


1. Health Concerns

The BSH Maine coon mix is a relatively healthy breed. However, like all cats, she can develop periodontal disease, obesity, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, and spinal muscular atrophy.

You have to commit to feeding your cat high-quality meals and taking her to the vet frequently to catch some of these diseases.

Most importantly, get your kitten from a good breeder to get a detailed medical report.

2. Space Needs

In case you get a kitty the size of a Maine coon, you will need a lot of space to accommodate her.

 She needs to have her own spots around the property where she feels safe and protected.

Feel free to host her in your apartment as long as you can offer her a paradise to retreat to.

3. Price

British shorthair Maine coon mixes don’t come cheap. For one, the parents are expensive (especially the Maine Coon). Secondly, the mix is rare.

Because of these factors, expect to pay a thousand bucks or more for one kitten.

 Some breeders sell their pets at much lower price points. Be careful with them as these potentially have substandard kittens with no medical records.

Closing Thoughts

That’s about it with the pros and cons of owning a British shorthair Maine coon mix.

The short of it is that this beautiful kitty is intelligent, social, good with kids and other pets, has a good temperament, and requires moderate grooming.

 On the flip side, she is expensive, needs a lot of space, and is at risk for some health conditions.