Are Siberian Cats Friendly?

Statistics by the International Cat Association (TICA) show that there are 71 cat breeds in the world today.

The list excludes the infamous Domestic Shorthair among other unrecognized breeds kept in homes.

In reality, the number is higher. What’s more, other breeds are added to cat registries every year. This means one thing: choosing to buy a pet just got harder.

If you are looking for beauty, you will be bombarded with tens of cat breeds that score well in that department.

For people who want good-tempered cats, they will be spoiled for choice as well.

The same goes for sociability, low maintenance, intelligence, and other traits.

However, for many aspiring pet parents, friendliness is among the top traits they desire in their feline friends.

No one wishes to have a cat that wants nothing to do with them, their kids, pets, and other members of the family.

People want one that fits into the family well, plays with the kids, accept cuddles and petting from time to time, and loves spending time with her owners.

 That is why we have put together a guide that explains whether the Siberian cat is friendly or not.

If you are interested in learning about this particular cat breed, stick around.

What Is A Siberian Cat?

Siberian Cats

Also known as the Siberian forest cat or Moscow longhair, a Siberian cat is a medium-large cat breed with an athletic body and an adventurous spirit.

As the name suggests, the breed has roots in Russia’s region of Siberia. For thousands of years, the cat roamed the Siberian wilderness.

To adapt to the cold, she had to develop a one-of-a-kind dense coat. It is long, triple-layered, and waterproof to keep the water and ice away from the skin as much as possible.

 The coat comes in many colors and patterns including tabby, point, calico, smoke, black, red, silver, white, and blue.

Siberian cats weigh 15-20 pounds and have muscular and sturdy bodies.

Their eyes are alert, round, and curious while their heads are round and wedge-like.

Overall, this kitty is balanced, acrobatic, agile, and well-rounded.

Looks aside, Siberian cats are calm and accommodating. They barely make noise except when they are distressed or hurt.

When expressing affection or communicating something to you, they purr, chirp, or produce a low-pitched meow sound.

Are Siberian Cats Friendly?

After living in the wild for millennia, it is easy to think that Siberian cats have some of the character traits of jungle cats.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Domestication has turned these felines into some of the most amazing creatures on earth.

 They are known to be sweet, gentle, affectionate, and so friendly.

Why are these cats considered to be friendly?

1. Love for playing

 For one, Moscow longhairs love to play. They are always looking for an opportunity to expend some energy in a game of play with any willing member of the family.

This includes playing fetch with you, running around with the kids, or flexing their muscles with the household dog.

As intelligent cat breeds, they can be taught to play fetch quite well.

2. Dog-Like Characters

 Siberians have been said to be dogs of the feline world, thanks to their friendly disposition.

Unlike other cats that don’t like to be cuddled, they have no issue sitting on your lap and enjoy some head and chin rubs.

They can cuddle with you under the blanket when watching a movie or sleeping.

3. Emotional Intelligence

The breed is also known for being sensitive to the mood of its owners.

It’s as though Siberian forest cats can tell when you are down and need some moral support.

When they sense you do, they will sit with you for hours just to keep you company and hopefully lift your spirits.

4. Good with Kids

 When it comes to tolerating kids and other pets, Siberian cats are exemplary.

They have lots of patience regarding being carried around, put down fast, and sometimes thrown around—much better than other cats.

 If socialized early, they form great bonds with dogs and other pets.

5. Kitten-like traits

Siberian cats also tend to behave like kittens for the most part.

They take a while to mature—up to five years to become full-grown adults. This means that they continue to play and act like young cats for a huge portion of their lives.

Perhaps this is the reason most of them get along with kids and dogs so easily.

6. Affectionate but Not Clingy

 The best thing about these cats is that they are affectionate and friendly but not clingy.

They love to follow their owners from room to room. However, when they want cuddles, they will keep still until you get some time on your hands.

Closing Thoughts

Siberian forest cats are popular for many reasons. Apart from their killer looks, these kitties are gentle and friendly dispositions.

They make great family pets for just about any household.

 So, to answer the earlier question, Siberian cats are indeed friendly.