Why Does My Cat Pee On My Husband’s Side Of The Bed?

Cats are always a delight and unless you are allergic, their companionship and playful spirit will lighten your mood and keep you in good moods.

But like all other pets, cats have their quirks that can easily get on your nerves—like when a cat starts peeing on your husband’s side of the bed.

 So, what does this behavior mean and what can you do about it?

There are a couple of reasons why your cat can pee on your husband’s side of the bed but the bottom line is: something is wrong.

If your cat pees on your clothes, bed, or anywhere he is not supposed to, it is usually a sign that something is wrong and you need to nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

The following are some possible explanations for this behavior.

1.  Sign of Affection

As weird as it might sound, your cat peeing on your husband’s side of the bed might be a show of affection.

Cats communicate via scents and smells, and she might be peeing on your husband’s side as a way of communicating love and affection.

So before you get worked up at the bad behavior, take a moment to consider that it could be a “love letter” even though written in stinking cat pee.

2. Your Cat Might Be Stressed

If your cat is not used to your husband, he could pee on his side of the bed out of stress.

It is a fact that anxiety and stress can make the cat change her peeing habit.

Instead of using the litter box, your cat might opt to pee on the bed.

You can try getting your husband to spend more time with the cat and that might help relieve him of the stress and anxiety.

3. Territorial Behavior

Your female cat could also pee on your husband’s side of the bed as territorial mating behavior.

When a female cat gets on heat, she will mark her territory by peeing.

The pee is meant to send a signal to males that she is available for mating.

Cats on heat tend to pee around the house and when they pee o the bed, they will intentionally pee on your husband’s side because they know he is a male.

4. Drawn To Strong Smells

Feline cats are drawn to strong smells and the testosterone of your husband might be very appealing to them.

This explains why the cat might not only pee on your husband’s side of the bed but also his clothes.

This typically happens when they are on heat so they should stop doing it in a couple of days. 

5. Cat Feels Threatened

When a cat feels her territory is threatened, she will pee as a way of reclaiming her territory.

 The cat might view your husband as the main threat and will respond by peeing on their side of the bed.

This is especially true if the cat has lived in the house longer than your husband.

If you identify this as the reason, you may want to encourage your husband to bond with the cat. This will let her realize that your husband loves her too and she doesn’t have to worry about her territory.

How to Stop the Habit

If the cat is also peeing on your husband’s clothes, it could be an indicator that she is drawn to his testosterone. Keeping his clothes out of reach can help curb this.

Spending time and playing around the house with the cat can also help to assure her that she is loved and that will help her not to feel anxious.

Neutering/spaying the cat is another solution. A neutered or spayed cat will not be as affected by the hormones and that will reduce the chances of your cat peeing on the bed.

When cats get on heat, they get attracted to the testosterone of your husband and that is one reason why they pee on his stuff. If you get your cat spayed, she won’t get on heat and so won’t pee on his things again.

Neutering helps to curb unwanted sexual behavior and also reduces the aggressiveness of the pet.

When a cat is not neutered, he can be quite handful and he will always see to assert his dominance by doing all manner of things including “taking a piss party” on your husband’s side of the bed just to send a message that he is boss.

A neutered cat will not do such a thing and will only pee on the bed if there is a problem like if he is sick.

Closing Thoughts

If your cat pees on your husband’s side of the bed, the first thing to do is establish whether it was a coincidence or intentional.

You can do this by observing to see if it will happen again. Once it has happened more than once, you can safely infer that it is intentional.

The next thing is to figure out the reason he is doing it and then you can take the measures we have recommended above to stop it.