Cat Breeds With Black Paws

Thinking of getting a black-pawed cat? You couldn’t have picked any better.

While others believe that black on a cat is a symbol of bad luck, we hold a different opinion.

Cats with black paws are graceful, sleek, and attractive. The truth is that black cats almost always have black paws.

There’s a direct link between the coat color and the color of the paws.

Here, we have a conservative list of 15 cats with black paws.

1. Bombay

Known for her elegant black coat, the Bombay cat is a dapper beauty.

Her coat looks like patent and quality leather. This beautiful designer cat got her adorable coat color from the American shorthair side of the family.

Every part of it is black including the eyes, feet, nose, tail, and of course the paws.

As for her charming and easy-going personality, the credit goes to her Burmese genes.

2. Domestic shorthair

Another popular cat breed with black paws, the Domestic shorthair is a beauty to behold.

This medium-sized kitty comes in many colors with the main ones being black, red, brown, and white/orange.

The black variety has beautiful black paws that round up his polished look.

Domestic shorthairs are not only stunning but are also sophisticated, playful, and affectionate.  They will fill your life with so much joy.

3. Domestic longhair

The Domestic longhair is a descendant of the domestic shorthair.

Thanks to mutation, her coat is thicker and fluffier than that of the shorthair.

Many people don’t know this but Domestic longhairs are not a single breed. They come from a diverse gene pool. This means that these kitties have varied physical characteristics and personalities.

 The ones with solid black coats equally have black paws. They are also friendly, playful, social, intelligent, and loyal.

4. Chantilly-Tiffany

The Chantilly-Tiffany comes in various colors including cinnamon, chocolate, lilac, and black.

The last category comes with a silky black coat that runs from the crown of the head to the tip of the tail.

The paws are also black and the eyes golden. This kitty’s coat is of medium length and needs to be brushed daily to keep it silky and neat.

If you love black cats that love to meow and chirrup, go for a Chantilly-Tiffany.

5. Persian

The Persian is a favorite among cat lovers that fancy flat-faced felines.

Her black glossy and soft coat along with black paws accentuate her beauty in many ways.

As long as you can handle the high grooming requirements of this pet, this kitty is perfect for you.

Persians also love vocalizing in their sweet soft voices and enjoy plenty of attention from their owners.

6. Maine Coon

Beloved for her friendly nature and gorgeous look, the Maine Coon is yet another favorite pet in America and the world over.

This large feline has a long dignified coat and a fluffy tail.

 She will easily charm her way to your heart with her killer looks and awesome personality.

Maine Coons are available in over 70 color combinations. The solid black variety comes with black paws.

7. Cornish Rex

With large ears, a curved body, soft curly fur, and an egg-shaped head, the Cornish Rex stands out in a room.

Her coat is smooth to the touch—almost like that of a lamb.

Coal-black members of the breed have black coats, black, noses, and black everything in between. Even their paws are black.

Besides coal-black, Cornish Rexes come in cream, white, chocolate, blue, red, and silver colors.

8. Japanese Bobtail

This elegant and stunning cat from Japan is also black-pawed. Obviously, this trait is observed in the black variety of Bobtails.

A black coat with the signature bobbed tail of the breed makes her unique and eye-catchy.

9. American Bobtail

If too short a tail is not your thing, you can consider the American Bobtail instead. This kitty’s tail is half-length and not bobbed like her Japanese cousin.

Besides her wild appearance, she makes a loyal, loving, and playful pet.

10. Norwegian Forest Cat

Many things distinguish the Norwegian Forest Cat from a group of cats.

 For one, she weighs up to 12 pounds making her a giant in the feline category.

 Secondly, her thick and fluffy coat makes her look incredibly beautiful.

Then there’s the fact that this kitty is affectionate, independent (in a good way), patient, and oh so lovely!

11. Scottish fold

What comes to mind when a Scottish Fold is mentioned is her folded ears.

After all, she gets her name from this unique characteristic. However, there’s more to this sweet cat than meets the eye.

She has one of the most amazing temperaments, rich history, and a mysterious side to her.

 Scottish folds are mostly short-haired but long-haired versions are also available.

 They have so many colors and patterns. Solid black with black paws is quite common.

12. Oriental

Derived from the Siamese breed, the Oriental is a cute cat with a delightful personality.

She comes in both long and short-haired varieties. No matter what you pick, expect nothing less of an affectionate, intelligent, and friendly cat.

Black-coated Orientals are called Ebony and come with black paws.

13. Manx

Like the Japanese Bobtail, the Manx has a short tail. Technically, there’s nothing there except a small tail stump.

 This along with a round head and elongated hind legs makes the Manx an exceptional cat.

Coat colors range from black to brown and everything in between. Solid black cats spot black paws following the color of their coats.

14. American curl

American curls are available in many colors with the common ones being black, red, cream, white, chocolate, and blue.

If you stumble upon a black one, she will have black paws as well.

If the dark paws don’t blow your mind, perhaps the cat’s distinctive curled ears and her playful personality will.

15. Siberian

This large playful cat loves nothing to kick up and have some fun.

 From playing with water to joining the kids for some outdoor fun to learning new tricks, the Siberian cat is fun to be around.

 As a natural breed, she comes in many colors such as red, brown, black, white, silver, blue, and any combination of these. Black versions are unsurprisingly black-pawed.

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Closing Thoughts

When looking for a cat with black paws, you will be spoilt for choice.

You’d have to narrow your search further based on the breed, personality, and other criteria.

 Regardless, black-pawed cats are insanely cute.