What’s it Like To Own an Abyssinian Tabby Mix?

Pets have taken our lives like a storm. With all the joy, cuddles, and health benefits, who can say no to them?

They are important members of the family that deserve nothing but love, care, and attention.

As such, choosing a cat to join your family is not something to be taken lightly.

If you bring home a kitty that doesn’t fit into your family’s setup, you will invite nothing but trouble.

Sure, you may never know all there’s to know about the kitty but you can take your time to know as much as you can.

Today, we will reel you into the world of the Abyssinian tabby mix.

 As the name goes, this is a designer cat resulting from breeding the famous Abyssinian and the tabby cat.

If you are wondering what owning such a kitty is like, read on. We will tell you about her grooming needs, activity levels, temperament, and health issues to know about among other topics.


The Abyssinian tabby mix is a beautiful medium-sized cat of about 8-12 pounds in weight and 12-16 inches in height. 

Her body is slender but full of muscles while her head is triangular and has a gentle dip in it.

Large ears tilting forward sit on her head making her appear alert. When you look at her, she appears to be paying attention to her surroundings at all times.

Her eyes are large and display her intelligence and focus.

This cute designer kitty has a short coat with the famous tabby coloring.

The tabby markings can be ticked, patched, classic, mackerel, or spotted. However, most of them have stripes along their backs, across their faces, and on their tails and limbs.

 If the Abyssinian genes are more predominant, the cat will have a ticking pattern of many colors such as red, fawn, blue, ruddy, and cinnamon.

The coast primarily looks darker along the cat’s spine and softens in other areas such as inside the legs, under the neck, and the belly.


Abyssinian tabby mixes are delightful little felines. They are ridiculously easy to own.

For one, they absolutely love people. Sure, they have their own time where they like to play with toys or whatever but they love hanging with their human owners too.

These cuties have soft and quiet mellows. When you come home after being away, expect your kitty to sit on your lap and speak to you softly and quietly.

This breed is incredibly affectionate and lovable. She loves to cuddle, give head rubs, and follow her owners around.

If you have kids or dogs, she will have no problem forming bonds with them as well. As long as the doggie or kid doesn’t abuse her, she will make a good friend.

This mix is also energetic and always mischievous. She loves sitting on some high ground such as the window or the top of the refrigerator.

When she’s not jumping on things or hunting a rat, she will be playing mentally-stimulating games.

Thanks to her intelligence, she can be taught tricks and walked on a leash.

Separation Anxiety

As a social animal, the Abyssinian tabby mix can get bored without company for too long.

Granted, she can tolerate loneliness for a while but she has her breaking points.

 If you plan on being away for some time, provide enough toys and hide plenty of treats to get her engaged.

Even better, get another animal in the house to give the kitty some company. The extra dog or cat will offer plenty of attention and entertainment to your designer.

Just be careful when choosing the second pet. Abyssinians are known for their deep desire for attention.

To be safe, get another Abby or a dog. If you already have another cat or dog, give the two enough time to bond with each other.


If you don’t like dealing with fur in your home, the Abyssinian tabby mix is a great cat to have.

With a short coat, she sheds very little. Weekly brushing of the coat will catch loose hairs and keep the coat healthy.

Apart from brushing the coat, you will need to carry out the normal stuff—nail trimming, bathing, and tooth brushing.

Speaking of tooth brushing, these kitties are susceptible to periodontal disease.

To keep it at bay, develop a daily or weekly dental routine as soon as now.

 If you start getting her used to the toothbrush early enough, she will not present challenges in the future.

Trimming her nails twice or thrice a month is also highly recommended.

If possible, keep your tabby mix indoors. When she goes out, she may catch bugs and germs which later bring infections.

She could also get into a fight or find her way into the wrong hands.

With an exotic appearance, she may be mistaken for a feral or stray. Others will capture and exchange her for money.

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Health Issues to Know About

Both Abyssinian and tabby cats are generally healthy. They enjoy up to 10-18 years of good health.

However, watch out for obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, renal amyloidosis, upper respiratory infections, vomiting, and mycoplasma.

Monitor the dog closely. If you notice something is amiss, contact your vet.

Keep her diet balanced and her activity levels high to kick obesity out.

Cons of Owning an Abyssinian Tabby Mix

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There are a lot of good things that come from owning the Abyssinian tabby mix.

However, like all things in life, there is the ugly side of such a venture. We have listed some cons of having this mix in your home.

  • Too much energy: This is no cat for people desiring peace and quiet at home. She’s always jumping around, zipping through the house, playing with the kids, dashing here and there, you name it.
  • Teeth issues: As said before, Abby tabby mixes are prone to periodontal disease and tooth decay. If you are not ready to brush your dog’s teeth frequently, this breed is not for you.

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  • Renal problems: Besides tooth issues, Abyssinian tabby mixes are at a higher risk for renal amyloidosis – a disease that causes the bone marrow to create abnormal antibodies. It is linked with blood cancer.
  • They get into trouble a lot: please keep the cat indoors to avoid most of the outdoor fights.
  • Risk of harm: some people believe that tabbies carry magic within them. Others think they belong to the wild. This puts any tabby cat at risk.

Closing Thoughts

Want an energetic, passionate, beautiful, and affectionate cat with low grooming needs?

The Abyssinian tabby mix fits the bill.

Provided you can brush her teeth regularly, take her for medical checkups often, and keep her indoors, she will make a great pet.