What Are Magpie Cats?

Magpie cats are a type of bicolor cats. Bicolor cats come in all color formations including solid colors that feature a white tail tip or throat locket or solid white cats that have smudges of black on the nose or ears.

 All bicolor cats are broadly referred to as white spotted or piebald cats but there are other terms used to describe specific colorations.

 Some common terms include particolored, harlequin, patched, pied, and magpie.

In this post, we will focus on magpie and explain how it differs from other cat colorations.

 We will also discuss a few basics that you need to know about magpie cats. Let’s jump right in!

What Is A Magpie Cat?

A magpie cat is a bicolor cat that is primarily white in color but with random splashes of black.

The easiest way to differentiate a magpie from other bicolored cats is to check for a predominant white color with randomized splashes of black.

Here are some of the other common bicolored cats and how they differ from magpies.

  • Harlequin: Almost similar to magpies except that they also have a black tail
  • Van: They have splashes of black in between their ears and they also have a black tail
  • Cap and Saddle: Their heads are colored and they have a saddle patch on their back. Some may also have a black tail.
  • Mitted: They are predominantly black in color with an exception of their feet which are white thereby making them look like they are wearing mittens
  • Locket: They are predominantly black in color with a small white coloration on the neck or stomach
  • Tuxedo: They have a white stomach, chest, nose and feet while the rest of the body is black. This coloration makes them look like they are adorned in tuxedo.

Is Magpie A Cat Breed?

As we have already established, the term magpie refers to the coat coloration of the cat. Therefore, Magpie is not a cat breed.

However, there are several cat breeds that can have the magpie color scheme. These include Turkish Angora, Munchkin, Ragdoll, Scottish Fold, Persian, Napoleon, Siberian Cat, Manx, and Japanese Bobtail.

Are Magpie Cats Rare?

Even though there are lots of breeds that have magpie coloration, this collation is actually quite rare.

See, there are lots of black and white cats but not all of them are magpies.

For a cat to be a magpie, the dominant color ought to be white with random splashes of black – which is not easily achievable.

How Long Do Magpies Live?

Depending on the breed, your magpie can live for an average of 12-18 years.

The exact number of years your cat lives will also be determined by other factors. For instance, if your cat has some underlying health conditions, her lifespan may significantly be reduced.

Feeding your cat on a healthy diet and giving her sufficient exercise will also keep her healthy, which will ultimately prolong her lifespan.

Magpie Personality and Health Issues

Magpies have different personalities depending on their breed and age. For instance, ragdolls and Persians might get agitated easily when their comfort is messed up with while Manx cats will not get upset easily.

 The same can said of health. The Japanese Bobtail is the only magpie that isn’t predisposed to genetic and other health complications.

The best way to know your cat’s personality and also find out potential health challenges is to check the profile of the magpie breed.

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Parting Thoughts

To sum it up, a magpie is a bicolored cat with a predominate white coloration with random splashes of black.

Magpie is therefore not a breed of a cat but rather a color pattern of the cat’s coat.

Magpies are quite rare but they can be found in several breeds.