10 Surprising Facts about Black and White Cat Personality

Cats come in many shapes, sizes, eye colors, coat colors, coat patterns, and more.

When choosing a kitty to own or buy, you will be spoilt for choice. Often, the breed determines the personality, temperament, health, and maintenance of the cat.

However, the color of the coat also says a lot about the pet. For instance, calico and tortoise cats are famous for having a ‘tortitude’ while ginger tabbies are known to be gregarious.

Black and white cats are not only beautiful but they have distinct personalities as well.

Sadly, they are not picked up fast in shelters and pet stores. For homeowners looking for a unique cat, a tuxedo cat is the last thing on their list. Some don’t choose this color because of superstitious reasons.

However, black and white cats are unsurprisingly sweet and charming.

Here, we have listed 10 facts about black and white cat personality that will blow your mind.

1. They are vocal

Perhaps the number one trait that stands out in black and white cats is vocalization.

No doubt these beauties know how to put their mouths to good use. One cat Merlin—an English black and white kitty—holds the Guinness World Record as the cat with the loudest purr.

His highest purr was recorded at 67.8 decibels – no cat has ever reached this level.

 Merlin’s outstanding record wasn’t a coincidence. Many of his brothers and sisters bear the same personality.

They don’t have a problem commanding attention or telling you what they are thinking about.

2. They make good friends

A black and white cat is also pleasantly friendly to those he loves.

From curling on your lap to following you around the house to meowing when you come home in the evening, these dapper kitties are a breath of fresh air.

They will chirp, purr, meow, trill, and make all sorts of noises when you are round just to show their joy and contentment.

If socialized well, these adorable cats can form long-lasting bonds with both humans and other pets.

3. They can also be independent

Like many cats out there, black and white felines love their independence. They prioritize hanging out alone just as they do being by your side.

 From time to time, they would love to sit by the window and watch the outside for hours, hunt for rats alone, and just think for hours on end.

It has nothing to do with you – just the way Mother Nature created them.

4. Extremely intelligent

If you care about owning a smart cat, a tuxedo cat is the way to go. These felines seem to be smarter than the average kitty.

For one, they hit developmental milestones much faster than their counterparts. They are also alert and less likely to be hit by moving cars in traffic.

This trait makes them natural leaders. In 2012, a cat named Tuxedo Stan ran for Halifa Canada mayoral elections. Even if he didn’t win, his bravery drew attention to his homeless buddies.

While intelligence is mostly a good trait, it can also be a challenge. This is true if the cat doesn’t have enough physical and mental stimulation.

He may get involved in bad or risky behavior around the house and beyond. Before owning one, plan on keeping him busy at all times.

5. Active and playful

Another remarkable fact about black and white felines is that they love to play. They fancy fetching things, jumping over walls, and running around the house and yard.

Every day is an opportunity to discover things, be more mischievous than yesterday, and burn some more energy.

If you are looking for an adorable, intelligent, curious, and energetic kitty, this one fits the bill.

6. Aggressive

A study was done to determine the link between the feline coat color and personality.

During the survey, 1274 cat owners were required to fill out a questionnaire explaining the degree of aggression of their pets.

The answers were based on their daily interactions with their cats—specifically how the pets respond when handled by the owners.

From the survey, black and cats emerged as the most aggressive followed by tortoiseshell and white cats.

They are likely to hiss, growl, and bite if they are not happy about something. This is somewhat of a generalization but it is worth noting if you want a cat with this coat color.

7. Sweet and sassy

Another famous fact about black and white cats is that they are sweet but sassy.

They love to cuddle, play with their owners, and make friendships with them.

These pets are also lively, bold, and high-spirited. They are not the kind to boss around. If they don’t want to be handled, there’s very little you can do to change their minds.

Thankfully, they tend to lie on the sweet side more than the aggressive and sassy side.

8. Explorative

Cats are naturally adventurous. They love to explore their environments.

Black and white cats take the explorative spirit to the next level. They are always climbing on trees and zipping through the house in a bid to find out what lies beyond.

To curb this, offer plenty of mental toys to keep your pet busy. If he gets idle, he may destroy a few of your prized possessions.

9. Calm and relaxed

Some cats are known for demanding attention and showing displeasure if things aren’t done their way.

Not black and white cats. These pets have an impressive laid-back attitude and are happy to go with the flow.

 If your family has lots of pets, they will find a way to cope and stay content.

As long as they have enough food, toys, scratching posts, and get some time to play with you, they will fit right in without a problem.

10. Loyal

When it comes to loyalty, dogs score more highly than cats. After living in packs for centuries, canines know how to become stay loyal to the pack.

On the other hand, our feline friends could care less about our safety and wellbeing.

Well, black cats defy this statement in many ways. They are protective and loyal – almost like their canine buddies.

They will cuddle with you when you are feeling blue and will always prefer your company over that of strangers.

Black and White Cat Personality: Closing Thoughts

The black and white cat is beautiful, sassy, curios, and plentiful. They are bound to make a playful and intelligent companion.

Since there are many breeds with this coat color, your search is made easy.

Keep in mind, though, that these are blanket statements. Not all black and white felines will display these characteristics.

Breed, socialization, upbringing, and care affect the personality of a cat more than its coat color.