What Is A Punched Face Persian Cat?

Punched Face Persian

Punch face is a term coined in India for the flat-faced Persian. They are also referred to as extreme face persian cats. The term punch-faced is descriptive of the front-side view of their head which almost resembles a clenched fist. It may also refer to a flat face with chubby cheeks and a short snub … Read more

The Bombay: Cat That Looks Like a Panther


If you were to have a melanistic version of the leopard or the jaguar, it would be the pather. Their black shiny coats with their bright gold eyes make them a beauty to behold. Who wouldn’t want to have such beauty for a pet? Even though it is not possible to have the panther as … Read more

Meet Oriental Shorthair: The Cat That Looks Like a Bat

When you think of a bat, the first thing that probably comes to mind is something small, dark, and spooky. But what if we told you there was a cat breed that looks just like a bat? The Oriental Shorthair is a unique breed of cat that resembles these nocturnal creatures in both appearance and … Read more

Albino Siamese Cat: Info, Rarity, Facts, Price & Traits

Albino Siamese Cat

Known for their sleek and unique looks, Siamese cats are among the most beloved pets in the world. They easily stand out in a crowd with their cute straight black ears, short graceful coats, bright eyes, and muscular physiques. Although they have their origins in Thailand, these kitties are now famous in the west and … Read more

Meet the Siberian: Cat That Looks Like a Husky

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is a breed of domestic cat that was arguably developed to look like a miniature version of a Siberian husky.  These cats have thick, luxurious fur coats that can come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they are known for being very affectionate and friendly pets. While they may not … Read more

What are Glitter Bengals?

Glitter Bengals

Bengals are an active and intelligent cat breed that is loved for their bold patterns. These cats are believed to have descended from the Asian leopard and it shows in the beautiful markings on their coats. But as aesthetically appealing as Bengals are, a recent genetic mutation has resulted in creating an even prettier pattern … Read more

What is a Maltese Cat?

Maltese Cat

If you’re a fan of blue-hued felines, Maltese cats are right up your alley. A Maltese cat is any cat of an indeterminate breed that has blueish or grayish fur. Maltese cats are prized for their beautiful coloration and gentle personalities.  While they can come in several colors, all Maltese cats share a common trait: … Read more

Can A Pallas Cat Be Domesticated?

Pallas Cat

The Pallas cat, sometimes referred to as Rock Wildcat, Manul, or Steppe cat are small and furry cats that are found in the Asian steppes. Manuls have stocky bodies that are covered in adorable soft fur. They also have a rich cover of woolly and dark underfur.  Their coat color can vary from a yellowish … Read more

Do Oriental Shorthair Cats Honk?

The Oriental Shorthair is a nicely muscled medium-sized cat that has a long tail, neck, and body. This cat can be thought of as a cat of extremes. For starters, it has a long and triangular head with a straight and long nose. Its long tail tapers at a point and the eyes are bright … Read more

Are Savannah Cats Legal In Florida?

Savannah cats are a new breed of cats that was first bred in the 1980s but was not officially recognized until 2012. Savannahs have a tall slender body, large paws, and large ears. They are energetic, loyal, and quite intelligent. They are also very independent cats. Savannahs can have different coat colors including silver spotted … Read more