How to Identify Khao Manee

Khao Manee

Khao Manee is a breed of domestic cat that originates from Thailand. It is a short-haired cat with white fur and blue, green, or gold eyes.  This unique eye color is what earned it the nickname, “diamond eye” or ” Thai diamond”. These cats are considered a national treasure in Thailand where they hail from. … Read more

Korean Cat Breeds: A Quick Overview

Korean Cat Breeds

The Korean folklore associates bad spirits and bad luck with cats. For instance, a black cat crossing one’s path was thought of as a sign of impending doom.  Such beliefs may be the reason why cats weren’t very popular in the country back in the day.  However, in recent years, the perception of cats has … Read more

What Is A Squitten Cat?

What Is A Squitten Cat

Ever come across a cat whose front limbs are shorter than his hind limbs (almost like a kangaroo)? Well, that’s what a squitten cat looks like.  There are all manner of stories about how these breeds came to be including the possibility of a cat mating with a squirrel to form the squitten (hence the … Read more

Cat Breeds That Play Fetch

Cat Breeds That Play Fetch

When it comes to playing fetch, no animal rivals the domestic canine.  Dogs are built for the game. They have the mental capacity to know when to run after the toy, pick it up, and bring it back to you. Most importantly, they have fun at it. For a long time, pet owners have believed … Read more

Owning a Marbled Bengal Cat: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a Marbled Bengal Cat: A Comprehensive Guide

Striking, playful, and sociable, a Bengal cat is a great pet to call your own. Created by breeding a domestic cat and the infamous Asian Leopard Cat, this spotted or marbled beauty looks like a mini-version of a wild kitty. It is this very trait that gives her the signature looks that we love so … Read more

Are Siberian Cats Friendly?

Siberian Cats

Statistics by the International Cat Association (TICA) show that there are 71 cat breeds in the world today. The list excludes the infamous Domestic Shorthair among other unrecognized breeds kept in homes. In reality, the number is higher. What’s more, other breeds are added to cat registries every year. This means one thing: choosing to … Read more

Pros and Cons of Owning an F1 Savannah Cat

F1 Savannah Cat

For a long time, owning a Savannah cat was frowned upon. To many, the endeavor was equated to bringing a leopard home. Despite looking cute, this kitty can bite and scratch like his wild cousins. After all, some of his genes are derived from the wild African Serval cat. Well, these days savannah cats are … Read more

Is British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix Right For You? 

British Shorthair Maine Coon Mix

Ever thought of owning a British shorthair and Maine Coon mix? This designer kitty is not the most common but she is truly worth a mention in feline circles. Imagine breeding the teddy-bear like and affectionate British shorthair with the beautiful and people-oriented Maine Coon. What an incredible resulting mix! She is nothing short of … Read more

Are Female Calico Cats Sterile?

Are Female Calico Cats Sterile?

With their gorgeous tri-colored coats in black, white, and orange hues, calicos are some of the most adorable cat breeds.  For one, very few felines have three colors on their coats. The only other pattern is the infamous tortoiseshell cats or torties. Secondly, calicos are extremely rare. If you own one, she will always turn … Read more