Can You Keep Jaguarundis As Pets?

Jaguarundis As Pets

Jaguarundi is a wild cat that hails from the Americas and can be found throughout both South and Central America and Northern Mexico. Jaguarundi cats are slender and medium-sized with short legs, small heads, and an elongated body.  They typically have uniform coloration with grey and red color morphs.  Jaguarundis are just as big as … Read more

What Are Magpie Cats?

What Are Magpie Cats?

Magpie cats are a type of bicolor cats. Bicolor cats come in all color formations including solid colors that feature a white tail tip or throat locket or solid white cats that have smudges of black on the nose or ears.  All bicolor cats are broadly referred to as white spotted or piebald cats but … Read more

What Is A Cobby Cat?

In cat breeding standards, the shape of the cat is an important attribute. Cats come in all shapes and sizes and they also come in all manner of body types. However, we can classify cat body types into six broad categories, namely: Oriental (slender bodies) Foreign (athletic)  Semi-foreign Substantial Semi-cobby  Cobby. Cobbies are arguably very … Read more

Can You Own A Lynx In California?


Lynx cats are graceful and beautiful. These exotic cats come in four different species – Eurasian lynx, Canadian lynx, Iberian lynx, and the bobcat.  The Eurasian lynx is the biggest of the four lynx cats and as the name suggests, this cat hails from Europe although it can also be found in Siberian and Central … Read more

Has There Ever Been A Dog And Cat Mix Breed?

Interspecies mating is anything but new. For instance, we have ligers (a mix of a lion and a tiger) and mules (a mix of a donkey and a horse). But what about dogs and cats? Can they mate? This question has sparked a lot of interest among scientists and pet lovers alike for years. And … Read more

Does A Rabbit And Cat Mix (Cabbit) Exist?

Rabbit And Cat Mix

Unusual pairings in animals have always attracted lots of interest—and one such pairing is the cat and rabbit (cabbit). One has to agree that a cabbit would be a really cute pet since it would combine the best traits from both species. Who wouldn’t want a cat that has the soft fur and bright eyes … Read more

Can Sand Cats Be Pets?

Can Sand Cats Be Pets

Just as the name suggests, sand cats are wild cats that live in sandy deserts. These cats are also known as sand dune cats and are so well adapted for the harsh desert environment that they do just fine without water. They have sandy to light grey fur and this helps them to camouflage well … Read more

Can You Own A Rusty-Spotted Cat?

Can You Own A Rusty-Spotted Cat

The rusty-spotted cat is the smallest cat in the world and has even been nicknamed the hummingbird of the cat family. This cute little cat is so tiny that it can fit in your palm. The rusty-spotted cat almost looks like a miniature leopard. It has dark streaks running along both cheeks and elongated spots … Read more

8 Snub-Nosed Cats That Are Just So Precious

8 Snub-Nosed Cats That Are Just So Precious

Pet parents know that cats come in all shapes and sizes—and the nose shape is one of the most fascinating distinguishing characteristics of cats. Your cat’s nose is comparable to your fingerprint because each cat has unique nose features. Additionally, each breed has a distinctive nose shape, length, and color. In fact, the nose shape, … Read more

What Is A Ghost Tabby Cat?

Ghost Tabby Cat

Have you ever seen a ghost tabby cat? These rare creatures are something to behold. What sets these cats apart from other felines is their striking appearance. Ghost tabby cats are mostly white, with patches of grey or black fur. They often have bright green eyes, which contrast sharply with their pale fur. If you’re … Read more