Why Doesn’t My Cat Chase a Laser Pointer?

Why Doesn't My Cat Chase a Laser Pointer

Cats are hardwired to chase after moving objects. The minute they see something move, their little brains process that as prey. Consequently, they cannot resist going after it with everything they have. Laser toys are designed with this in mind. When your kitty sees that tiny wiggly beam of light moving across the room, nothing … Read more

How Long Should You Keep A New Cat In One Room?

How long to keep a new cat in one room

Bringing a new cat or kitten into your home is an exciting time for any pet parent. You look forward to a fun-filled life with your new friend. You cannot wait to make memories with your kitty and create a huge bond together. Unfortunately, being in a new environment can be confusing for the little … Read more

How Big is a Cat’s Stomach?

How Big is a Cat's Stomach?

Knowing how much food to offer your cat is like hitting a jackpot. Sometimes, it seems as though you have offered too little food. Other times, you wonder whether he’s had enough. To know the exact amount of food to give your kitty, you have to go back to the basics. You got to understand … Read more

How Old Was the Oldest Cat?

How Old Was the Oldest Cat

There are plenty of reasons people own cats. Some do it purely for companionship. They love having a feline around the home to cuddle with, play with, and basically share life with. Others own a cat to ensure that their home is always rodent-free. Either way, cats make for great additions, no matter the family … Read more

How Do Female Cats Act After Mating?

The average person knows that cats mate aggressively and loudly with the result being a bunch of little kittens. Well, that’s not really the whole story. There’s more to cat reproduction than meets the eye. For instance, did you know that the actual mating is what stimulates the female cat to release eggs? Or that … Read more

Do Cats Stay in Heat After Mating?

Do Cats Stay in Heat After Mating?

Anyone that has been around when their cat got on heat knows the process can be quite intense. From watching your beloved female cat rub against things, roll around, and make noises in a bid to attract mating partners to seeing her actually mate over and over again is quite the show. When you think … Read more

Do Cats Eat Grass When They Have Worms?

Do Cats Eat Grass When They Have Worms

Cats are carnivores. They are created to eat meat predominantly. Fruits, salads, carbs, and all that don’t mean much to them. So, when you see your sweet kitty nibbling or chewing on grass, it can be rather alarming. What does that mean? Is your cat sick and uses grass to feel better? Does he have … Read more

Can Cats Be Sexually Attracted To Humans?

Can Cats Be Sexually Attracted To Humans

You adore your little cat friend so much. When you get home, he jumps all over you the minute you swing the door open. He can’t seem to stop cuddling and sleeping with you in the same bed. You equally enjoy hanging around him, carrying him in your arms, and petting him. However, of late … Read more

Do Cats Like To Be Petted While Sleeping?

Do Cats Like To Be Petted While Sleeping

As cat lovers, there is nothing more satisfying than petting or stroking our feline friends as we cuddle with them on the couch. After all, we are innately social species, who favors proximity and touch when displaying affection. We are also naturally drawn to puerile-looking features like round faces, small noses, and large eyes—and that … Read more