Where is Halo Cat Food Made?

Cat owners are a lucky bunch because they have little, furry companions with whom to spend their lives with.

However, with this companionship comes a great deal of responsibility as cat owners are required to take great care of their little friends.

Not only are they required to train and groom their cats regularly, but also provide these lovable felines with nutritious diets to ensure continuous regeneration of their body tissues for steady growth and healthy functioning.

For this reason, a cat owner’s choice of cat food brand is integral to the pet’s wellbeing.

Among the most notable brands in the current market is Halo cat food, which prides itself on offering cats highly nutritious and ultra-digestible meals for a healthy upbringing.

About Halo Pet Food Company

Halo Pet Food started out in the mid-1980s after Andi Brown realized that nutrition is a fundamental part of a cat’s upbringing.

Prior to founding the company, Brown’s cat, Spot, suffered from digestive complications, eye infections, urinary tract complications, and coat infections.

She used several prescription medications to no avail.

A close acquaintance, Voyko Marx, offered to help by preparing homemade stew using carrots, vegetables, garlic, peas, and chicken.

The result was nothing short of a miracle as Spot got better within a week of taking this soup.

Seeing the impact of a nutritious diet on her cat’s health, Brown immediately established Halo Pet Food.

After two decades of service, the company was acquired by the Animal CBD Group and it partnered with renowned talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

Where is Halo Cat Food Made?

Halo’s headquarters is in Tampa, Florida, where all its cat food brands are manufactured.

However, the company sources its products from different local and international vendors.

To ensure all its ingredients are of the highest possible quality, Halo uses its OrigiNative sourcing initiative which aims to promote natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable agricultural undertakings.

The vegetables and fruit products used in Halo cat food formulations are sourced from European nations such as New Zealand.

Europe is the most ideal source of non-GMO produce given that there are rigorous legal frameworks in place to regulate the genetic engineering of agricultural produces.

Also part of Halo’s OrigiNative initiative is its commitment to sourcing animal products from MSC and GAP Step 2 certified local, New Zealand, and Canadian vendors.

MSC certification ensures all fish are reared in accordance with global health standards while GAP standards ensure animals are reared accordingly.

For example, under GAP Step 2 stipulations, poultry should be placed in holdings with natural light and ample access to enriched feeds.

Halo Cat Food 101

For over three decades, Halo Pet Food has been at the forefront of the pet nutrition industry as it manufactures and distributes top-quality pet foods with the optimum nutrition value and superior digestibility.

All its cat food products are manufactured using MCS (Marine Stewardship Council) and Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified ingredients as part of the company’s OrigiNative program.

This includes using fresh meats as opposed to the more common and cheaper alternative, rendered meats, as the former have lower ash content and are more digestible.

Moreover, all plant matter used in the brand’s vegetarian cat food products is sourced from non-GMO sources to maintain their superior quality.

In the words of Halo’s nutrition campaign, the proof is in the Poop.

Using a playful character called “Poopsie”, Halo is carrying out an education campaign to sensitize cat owners on the importance of buying their products.

It emphasizes the importance of bio-available ingredients used in Halo cat foods. These are food materials that are fully digestible to cats, allowing them to make the most of all the nutrients available in the cat food.

To ensure maximum nutrition, the Halo cat food lineup features dry and wet foods divided according to a cat’s dietary needs and life stage.


Halo cat food is a leader in nutritious and highly digestible feline delicacies.

The brand’s dry and wet foods are manufactured in its Tampa-based facilities and are sourced in line with GAP and MSC certification protocols.

As detailed in its Proof is in the Poop campaign, cats fed Halo products are able to fully digest the meals, causing their poop to be easier to handle, less smelly, and smaller.

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