Is On Guard Safe For Cats?

If you want your home to smell heavenly and stay clean, you have two options – you can get store-bought products with lots of chemicals in them or go the essential oil route. Thanks to the rise in pollutants in the environment, many people are choosing to go with the second option. Essential oils are … Read more

What Do Cats Think When You Kiss Them?

Your darling toddler just did one of those things that make you thank the universe for giving you a baby. Naturally, you’ll pull the little bugger close to you and give them a big kiss to show your affection and appreciation.  Humans are all about kisses, hugs, hand-holding, and giving gifts to show affection. Now, … Read more

7 Effective Cat Blocked Nose Remedies

Sneezing, lethargy, runny nose, watery eyes, and a reduced appetite all point to one thing: common cold.  All of us have had it at one point or another. There are no two ways about it – colds are agonizingly uncomfortable. They strip the life and joy out of you and turn you into a sick, … Read more

Do Cats Check If You’re Breathing?

Cats are pretty mysterious and hard to predict. Unlike dogs, they are cool but aloof, non-transparent, and want to be loved on their own terms. Their behaviors from head butting against surfaces, jumping three times their heights, and rigorous grooming habits continue to amaze us. Ever had your cat come up to you to check … Read more

Do Cat Colds Go Away On Their Own?

Yes, your cat can catch a cold just like you except that they can’t catch a cold from you. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, Colds in cats can be caused by bacterial or viral agents. Feline herpesvirus type-1 (also referred to as feline calicivirus or feline viral rhinotracheitis) is the virus that is known for … Read more

Do Cats Have Lungs?

A feline’s body is pretty amazing. Despite being tiny, many biological processes go on in there at any given point. From digestion to respiration and metabolism, different regions and systems work hand in hand to create balance. The heart has to keep beating to make sure blood is carried to all organs. The musculoskeletal system … Read more

Why Is My Male Cat Sleeping A Lot After Neutering?

Neutering your cat will help him to lead a healthier and longer life. This is because you will eliminate the possibility of testicular cancer among other related ailments. One of the side effects of the neutering procedure is excessive sleeping—your feline friend will start sleeping for longer, especially in the days after the surgery.  While … Read more