Where Is Blue Buffalo Cat Food Made?

With high-protein, delightful, and affordable cat food recipes, Blue Buffalo is revered by many pet parents. Whether your kitty is on a special diet or you need something that satisfies her nutrition completely, the company has got you covered. Since 2002, the brand has committed to helping cats and dogs get the best nutrition. Its … Read more

Where is Tiny Tiger Cat Food Made?

Cat owners are tasked with tending to their pet’s every need. An integral part of this responsibility is ensuring your kitty receives a proper diet throughout to ensure steady growth and good health. With Tiny Tiger cat food, you can efficiently realize this goal. Being that they are obligate carnivores, these “tiny tigers” rely heavily … Read more

Where is Instinct Cat Food Made?

Feeding cats is an overly complicated activity due to their unique nutritional needs. While it is possible to use a one-size-fits-all approach in feeding other kinds of pets, you must factor in a cat’s life stage and health condition when feeding these feline pets to ensure you meet the required nutritional quotient. Kittens, for instance, … Read more

Where is Blue Wilderness Cat Food Made?

Choosing the right cat food for your beloved pet is no walk in the park. Today’s market is flooded with hundreds of cat food brands, making it an absolute challenge to pick one. In addition to nutritional adequacy, these obligate carnivores require special diet formulations for different stages in life. Cat owners are required to … Read more

Where is Royal Canin Cat Food Made?

With over 50 years in the pet food industry, Royal Canin is an international conglomerate renowned for manufacturing tailored nutrition feeds designed to meet the unique needs of each pet. The company was started in 1968 by French veterinarian, Dr. Jean Cathary. As part of his practice, Dr. Cathary successfully treated multiple coat and skin … Read more

Where is Nutro Cat Food Made?

How do you ensure that your cat gets the best of both the culinary and nutritional worlds? No prize for guessing but one of these should be knowing where your chosen pet food was made. It’s a long journey from the farm or food plant to your cat’s plate. Anything can happen along the way … Read more

Where is 9Lives Cat Food Made?

9Lives is renowned as the first wet cat food brand in the United States.  It was initially developed in 1959 by an American tuna processing company, Star-Kist Foods. At the time, the enterprise specialized in dry cat foods. Star-Kist was later sold to Heinz in 1963. It is after this acquisition that the 9Lives brand … Read more

Where is Special Kitty Cat Food Made?

Special Kitty is a private label pet food brand sold exclusively by Wal-Mart. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Wal-Mart sold Ol’ Roy, an exclusive inexpensive dog food brand. It quickly grew in popularity among Wal-Mart shoppers, causing the retail outlet to start selling a cat food equivalent in 1983, thus the Special Kitty … Read more

Where Is Tiki Cat Food Made?

When shopping for your cat’s food, you will realize that the options are increasing with every passing day. A few years back, you only had to make a choice between a couple of brands. These days, the aisles are full of varied feline delicacies each with a twist of its own. Tiki cat food is … Read more

Where Is Weruva Cat Food Made?

Responsible pet parenting involves vetting everything that comes through your door to make sure it is safe for your animal friend. The stakes are even higher if the said thing is your kitty’s food. You must exercise caution and offer the cat only what is safe and good for her. Some commercial cat foods are, … Read more