Are Sand Cats Dangerous?

With the enchanting look of a house cat, the sand cat can easily pass for a pet. He is about the same size and weight as a typical kitty. His eyes exude innocence and friendliness that makes you want to pick it up and take it home. Well, that would be one of the worst … Read more

Do Cats Steal Your Breath While You Sleep?

It’s quite common for cats to lay on their owners’ chests or crouch next to their mouths while they sleep. While this habit by our feline friends is considered a sign of affection, some believe that is proof that cats can steal your breath while you sleep. There are a few different theories that support … Read more

Do Cats Steal Your Soul?

Of all animals, the housecat is believed to be the most superstitious. In some parts of the world, it brings good luck. In Japanese folklore, for instance, a cat is a symbol of good fortune. To this day, the Maneki-Neko figurine parades restaurants and other business premises for this very reason. In Egypt, cats used … Read more

How Big Do Siberian Cats Get?

Before buying a Siberian – or any cat breed for that matter – it is a good idea to, first of all, know how big they get.  This will help you know if the cat is a good fit for you considering the amount of space you have at home. The size of the cat … Read more

How Long Does A 25 Lb Bag Of Cat Litter Last?

Taking care of a cat is fulfilling but not cheap. From pet visits to grooming appointments and buying food, a kitty demands a lot in the way of finances. Cat litter is also like diapers for human babies. Sometimes it looks as though you go through a bag of cat litter the same way a … Read more