Cat Breeds with Tufts of Fur between Toes

Cats have fur on their paws primarily for protection purposes.

As they walk on hot, icy, snowy, or rocky terrain, it acts as a barrier between their bare skins and the ground.

Fur also protects them against skin trauma caused by mild cuts, insect bites, and exposure to harsh chemicals.

While all cats have fur on their paws, some have tufts of hair in between the toes. These are visible clusters of hair, also known as toe tufts that stick out beyond the paw pad.

Some cat breeds have this special type of hair between their toes whereas others don’t.

Here, we have highlighted 7 cat breeds sporting this characteristic.

1. Maine Coon

Nicknamed as the “Gentle Giant”, the Maine Coon is a huge feline with an even bigger personality. She is affectionate, friendly, and fun to hang out with.

Maine Coons are also some of the cutest cats globally, thanks to their giant, rectangular body shapes with robust bone structures and two-layered coats.

Their toes are characterized by tufts of hair to help them traverse snowy grounds from which he came from.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is another elegant long-haired kitty with some of Maine Coon’s physical characteristics. This includes a bushy tail, long legs, and a sturdy body.

One of the most distinguishing things about this breed is that he is a good climber.

 With strong claws, he can descend a tree with his head facing the ground. Other breeds take on the opposite direction when going down a tree.

The tufts between his toes go a long way in making him the awesome climber that he is.

3. Ragdoll

Munchkin Ragdoll Cat

There are plenty of reasons why the Ragdoll is a favorite pet in many homes.

Perhaps the biggest one is his chubby fluffy body that always screams to be cuddled.

The blue color of the eyes is also worth a mention. Plus the fact that the breed comes in different colors and patterns makes him even cuter.

Looks aside, this cat is laid back and doesn’t enjoy flying around the house much.

As one of the many long-haired cat breeds, the Ragdoll also has toe tufts.

People with hardwood floors often notice that their cats suffer when walking with their hairy feet.

If this is your case, ask your vet if you can trim the tufts a little.

4. Somali

The Somali cat bears the wild look of the Abyssinian except she is long-haired.

His eyes are massive and expressive, coat ticked, and his face somewhat masked.

The tail is very much bushy like those of the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest cats. This has earned him the nickname “fox cat”.

Somalis have long legs with oval paws that have tufts between them.

Because of his lithe muscular body and long muscular legs, this cat looks like she stands on his tip-toes—a look that makes him outstanding.

5. Persian

Popular for his gentle and affectionate temperament, the Persian cat is another lovable pet.

He is especially great as a lap buddy, thanks to his calm and docile temperament.

The breed is also revered for his looks. How can you not fuss over his adorable wholly coat with rich colors, flat squash-nosed appearance, and doll-face?

 Sure, his signature plush coat needs a lot of maintenance but he makes up for it with his drop-dead gorgeous face.

Speaking of maintenance, this kitty has lots of hair some of which hides in between his toes. 

6. Balinese

If you are into cats with the signature Siamese-style coloration and those with bright blue eyes, the Balinese ticks both boxes.

He is actually related to the Siamese in looks and character.

Balinese cats are vocal, social, inquisitive, intelligent, and playful – just perfect for a family with kids.

They form strong bonds with family as long as they get the attention they desire.

The breed also happens to be one among many with tufted toes.

7. Cymric

The last cat breed with tufts between her toes is Cymric. You know her as Manx’s long-haired version.

Both breeds are similar in pretty much everything else apart from the length of fur on their coats.

This is why the Cymric is known to have tufted toes while the Manx doesn’t.

The body is solid with a round head, large round eyes, and widely-spaced ears.

Cat Breeds with Tufts of Fur between Toes: Conclusion

Cats used to hunt all the time to ensure their survival. This meant going out all seasons to look for food.

When the weather was harsh, these creatures needed extra protection for their little paws.

That’s where tufted toes became advantageous.

These 7 breeds don’t have them by accident. They are put there by Mother Nature to serve a purpose.