7 Cats That Look like Bobcats

Elegant and stealthy, Bobcats are extraordinary hunters. Jumping over 3 meters in length, they can retrieve prey that most other predators can’t.

Since they can make short bursts of 50 km/hr, they can chase down prey pretty efficiently.

These North American Lynx cats are the most abundant and revered wild animals in that region and beyond.

The world has not fallen in love with the Bobcat’s hunting prowess only. This beast is also one of the best-looking wild cats out there.

His short brown fur marked with black speckles makes him stand out in his category.

And who can forget his short ‘bobbed’ tail from where he derives his name from?

Bobcats are no doubt easy on the eyes. Are there domestic cats that have the same physical qualities as these adorable creatures?

You bet there are. We have the conservative list for you down below.

1. American Bobtail

The American bobtail is a sweet little feline beauty with just a tiny tail – just like the Bobcat.

Many believe that the kitty came about after crossing the bobcat with a domestic cat.

Well, this is still not proven but the adult bobtail sure looks like his wild counterpart.

 His tail is about half the size of the average kitty. Most grow their tails to only about one inch in length. Only a few have straight, kinked, or slightly curved tails.

 The body is muscular, substantial, and heavy with the appearance of a wild cat – mostly the bobcat.

The coat comes in many colors or patterns and it isn’t uncommon to find one with the same pattern as the wild bobtail kitty.

2. Pixie Bob

Coming at a close second in terms of physical resemblance to the Bobcat is the infamous Pixie-Bob cat.

This one looks like a bob kitten in that it is a smaller version of the Lynx cat.

 There’s a rumor that this sweet feline is a descendant of the bobcat and a barn cat.

Its wild look makes it easy to believe the rumor. Like the Bobcat, he is brawny and muscular.

He weighs about 8-12 pounds but his body resembles that of a wild kitty.

His coat comes in bobcat’s tabby pattern and boasts a range of colors such as light gray, orange, and fawn.

And yes, the tail is pretty much non-existent. Some have 2-4-inch long tails but a large majority has stumps at the back. 

3. Karelian Bobtail

With long hind legs and a bobbed tail, the Karelian bobtail can be easily mistaken for a bobcat.

The kitty is also available in Bobcat’s tabby pattern making him appear mildly wild.

 He can jump high during a hunt much like his wild cousins, making him a threat to small animals at home.

Fortunately, this kitty is outgoing and deeply affectionate as a pet.

4. Manx

This stout and heavily-boned kitty comes with a round head, round rump, and round eyes. All these features make her appear larger than she actually is.

Although she doesn’t come close to the size of the Bobcat, she sure resembles the wild cat in a number of ways.

She is proportioned the same way and comes with pointed ears and stumpy tails.

Some Manx cats have non-existent tails but some stumps there. These are much shorter than those of a bobcat but they come at a close range.

The coat is available in a tabby pattern among other patterns.

The speckles and spots are not exactly like those of a bobcat but they are somewhat similar.

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5. Maine coon

The Manx looks like a bobcat in terms of size. At maturity, Bobcats grow to 25-40 pounds. Maine coons, on the other hand, can reach weights of 25 pounds.

Although one is a wild cat and another a domestic cat, both varieties measure weigh about the same.

Additionally, they both have the same round, stocky, and muscular physiques.

Finally, Most Maine Coons come in the tabby color just like the bobcat.

6. Highlander Cat

Highlanders have a bold wild appearance, thanks to their spotted tabby coats, muscular builds, and bobbed tails.

 These medium-to-large kitties stand tall, have sloping foreheads, and round eyes.

They can have stumpy or straight tails. The former looks more like the bobcat than the latter.

7. Savannah

This wild-looking Savannah cat resembles the Bobcat in the pattern of the coat.

She has a spotted tabby coat that looks somewhat related to that of the Bobtailed kitty.

Savannah cats are also skilled in hunting just like their wild relatives. They have the legs, intelligence, and speed for the hunt.

 Of course at home, this domestic kitty is affectionate and fun to hang with.

Final Thoughts

There it is – 7 domestic cats that look like a bobcat.

If you want the exotic look of the wild cat in your domestic feline, you have 7 options to choose from.

 Either of these beauties is going to make your dreams come true.