Inbred Cats: Everything You Need to Know

Inbred Cats

Inbreeding is a term thrown around in canine circles a lot. In a bid to give rise to dogs with desired and predictable physical qualities and behavior, some breeders practice inbreeding. Turns out, the bug has bitten cat breeders as well. These days, inbred cats are everywhere. The rules of inbreeding of cats are not … Read more

12 Awesome Cats with Long Legs

Cats with Long Legs

Cats radiate quiet beauty and warmth. They know how to strike a balance between being independent and reliant on human contact. This makes them great as family pets. They know how to fit into a family with dogs, kids, adults, and pets. As you shop around for a cat, you might have noticed that different … Read more

Pros and Cons of Owning a Ginger Tabby Cat

Pros and Cons of Owning a Ginger Tabby Cat

Looking to own a ginger tabby cat? What a unique color and pattern choice for a feline friend! No doubt, this one is a showstopper! The tabby pattern combines with the ginger color to make an exceptionally beautiful cat.  In addition to beauty, tabby cats have some of the best temperaments in the feline world. … Read more

10 Cats with Copper Eyes

Cats with Copper Eyes

Cats, no matter the color of their eyes and coats, are remarkably beautiful creatures. They carry themselves with such composure, self-esteem, calmness, and self-love that you almost think they know how striking they look. Their big, bright eyes complement their beauty in so many ways. We, humans, love the eyes of felines so much that … Read more

What Exactly Is a Torbie Cat?

Torbie Cat

Cats come in a plethora of coat colors and patterns. Whether you want a white, orange, black, or grey cat, you will get it. There’s even a grey or blue-colored kitty that looks ridiculously cute. Apart from color, a cat can also have a pattern such as a tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, and more. People imagine … Read more

8 Grey Cat Breeds with Yellow Eyes

Grey Cat Breeds with Yellow Eyes

Cats are beautiful animals. There are many different cat breeds, and each is distinct in the coat, eyes, body shape, and behavior. There are several cat breeds with yellow or amber eyes, which really stand out. This is particularly true in cats with solid, dark-colored fur. While some of the cat breeds with yellow or … Read more

How Much Do Orange Tabby Cats Cost?

How Much Do Orange Tabby Cats Cost?

There’s a reason tabby cats are one of the most popular colors out there. Well, for starters, they are some of the most abundant. They are everywhere in different colors. While all tabbies are cute, orange ones take beauty to a whole new level. Just imagine Garfield with his big, bold, and beautiful tabby orange … Read more

10 Grey Long Haired Cat Breeds

Grey Long Haired Cat Breeds

Just one glance at their insanely cute grey fluffy coats and you will immediately fall in love with a grey long-haired cat. From grey to silver and everything in between, this coat color is not what you see every day. It is striking, mysterious, and calm in a very attractive way. To many, a grey … Read more

12 Least Affectionate Cat Breeds

I’m sure you’ve heard some people say that cats are solitary creatures that don’t show any affection at all. But, we cat lovers know that nothing could be further from the truth. A cat’s breed plays a significant role in determining how the cat relates to her human family. This was confirmed by a 2019 … Read more