6 Best Motion-Activated Cat Deterrents for Indoor Use

Motion-Activated Cat Deterrents

Whether you own a cat for companionship, security, or for any other reason, having one makes life a little more fun and adventurous. When they curl up next to you in bed or rub against your feet after a long hard day at work, your heart just melts. However, no matter how much you love … Read more

10 Cats with Copper Eyes

Cats with Copper Eyes

Cats, no matter the color of their eyes and coats, are remarkably beautiful creatures. They carry themselves with such composure, self-esteem, calmness, and self-love that you almost think they know how striking they look. Their big, bright eyes complement their beauty in so many ways. We, humans, love the eyes of felines so much that … Read more

What Exactly Is a Torbie Cat?

Torbie Cat

Cats come in a plethora of coat colors and patterns. Whether you want a white, orange, black, or grey cat, you will get it. There are even grey or blue-colored cats that look ridiculously cute. Apart from color, a cat can also have a pattern such as a tabby, tortoiseshell, calico, and more. Cat owners … Read more

10 Cat Scratchers that Dull Claws

Cat Scratcher That Dull Claws

Cats spend their free time doing a number of things, one of which is scratching. If a kitty is bored, he will not start making noise and bringing down fences as his distant canine relatives often do. Instead, he will find the nearest tree, carpet, sofa, or any other rough surface and begin digging into … Read more

18 Cat Claws Anatomy Facts for Beginners

Strong, independent, mysterious, calm, and collected… a cat is a great pet to have. He may be small but his personality is larger-than-life. If you’ve watched your kitty hunt birds or rodents around the home, it must have been quite the show. Their patience, alertness, amazing sense of smell, and ability to deliver a grip … Read more

How Do Female Cats Act After Mating?

The average person knows that cats mate aggressively and loudly with the result being a bunch of little kittens. Well, that’s not really the whole story. There’s more to cat reproduction than meets the eye. For instance, did you know that the actual mating is what stimulates the female cat to release eggs? Or that … Read more

Do Cats Stay in Heat After Mating?

Do Cats Stay in Heat After Mating?

Anyone that has been around when their cat got on heat knows the process can be quite intense. From watching your beloved female cat rub against things, roll around, and make noises in a bid to attract mating partners to seeing her actually mate over and over again is quite the show. When you think … Read more

10 Best Cat Carriers with Litter Box (For Stress-Free Travels)

Cat Carrier with Litter Box

Traveling with pets, especially cats, is no easy task. These little feisty creatures can be very anxious when placed in a moving vehicle or plane. They get restless, irritated, and can easily jump out of the window. Fortunately, cat manufacturers have come up with carriers to make life a little less of a hassle for … Read more

15 Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

Every cat owner is always looking for ways to make the life of their feline babies more comfortable, luxurious, and fun. With high perches, scratching posts, snuggly condos, and safe hammocks, a cat tree is a great piece of furniture to have. For those of you with multiple cats at home, you don’t have to … Read more